The Most Sensible Token Sale Just Closed

Ariel Jalali
Dec 1, 2017 · 4 min read

Did you make SENSE or miss out?

The SENSE token main sale just ended and we are so grateful to all the participants for their support. We’ve hit our hard cap and had an incredible outpouring of excitement from a community that showed up from around the world to make SENSE with us.

So why was this token sale different from all other token sales?

We were sensible

As a 3.5 year old, venture backed company, we undertook this journey with the full support of our board and stakeholders. We engaged the very best advisors including Perkins Coie and Deloitte and Touche to ensure top tier legal and financial compliance.

Additionally, we were:

Abundance oriented — took just what we needed to make our token fungible

Responsible — part of a pioneering group establishing governance standards

Facilitative — building bridges with partners to guarantee SENSE thrives

We empowered awesome humans

We started Sensay with a fundamental belief that every human is valuable. Sensay is just the first app on the SENSE Network and it allows more than 3M users to chat across any messenger and share their knowledge. SENSE represents a giant step forward to value knowledge sharing that happens across all the apps we use habitually and daily.

We empowered developers

Developers, Developers, Developers!

We were the first token sale to open our presale exclusively to developers and over 1,100 developers registered to help us make SENSE with an incredible mix of apps, dapps and bots that are coming down the pipe soon on the SENSE Network. One of our core values is winning by helping others win.

We shipped what we promised

We shipped Day 1 functionality promised in in the SENSE Whitepaper, including:

Ethereum smart contract 1 that creates the SENSE token

Ethereum smart contract 2 that powers knowledge attribution

Ethereum smart contract 3 that powers knowledge access

Launched with connectors for Github and Reddit

Smart contracts above are on the Ropsten testnet and documented on Github.

We made SENSE worldwide

We evangelized hundreds of members in the blockchain community across the world from London to Barcelona, Berlin, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Vegas, San Francisco and even exotic Santa Monica. SENSE aligns incentives for a multitude of communities in a decentralized world.

With a little help from our friends

SENSE has partnered with luminary crypto technology partners, including:

Civic for identity management

Bancor for token liquidity

BlockV for digital asset integration

Special thanks to all our crypto advisors, mentors and friends including Dr. Gavin Wood, Brock Pierce, Gil Penchina, Simon Dixon, Craig Sellars, Nick Sullivan, Galia Benartzi and Chris Miess!

We added amazing backers to our family

SENSE token backers included the most respected organizations in the blockchain space including Blockchain Capital, TaaS Fund, Hyperchain Capital, Galaxy Digital Assets, Blockchain Korea Partners and Bnktothefuture

The backers above join our already awesome family of supporters that include Norwest Venture Partners, Draper Associates, Greycroft, Quest Venture Partners, Sweet Capital, NHN, Amplify LA and others

What happens now?

The main sale has closed and the following milestones are approaching:
1. There will be a two-week Reconciliation Period which will enable a grace period from Dec 1 to Dec 15 to finalize pending transactions, tend to any outstanding customer support issues, and rectify any circumstances caused by sending funds from exchanges.

2. As of the Settlement Period, owed SENSE tokens will be calculated and considered final — this includes any participation gains from the referral program as well as any SENSE payments owed by the company for services rendered during the token sale. From Dec 15 to Dec 27, the settlement of each participant’s SENSE payment will be calculated and queued for distribution.

3. Distribution Date: By December 27, all participating ERC20-compatible wallets will receive their prescribed SENSE tokens as a custom ERC20 token.

Participants who began the sales process and received their unique funding links will still be able to complete their transactions through the reconciliation period — however, new signups are closed. The same is applied to participants who may have had trouble with their unique funding links (or having funded from an exchange).

There are plenty of other opportunities to make SENSE with us via community and technology partnerships. Specifically, we’re very excited to be announcing Make SENSE, the second application built upon the SENSE smart contract to enable anyone to claim SENSE tokens from their favourite web services.

We are most proud that SENSE ushers in a new era of products that are good for the world

Thank you for your support!

With gratitude and optimisim

— Team Sensay / SENSE


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