UK Founder & DJ Sparks African Entrepreneurship on Sensay

Like streaming music, great advice crosses all borders —#AwesomeHumans

Wil Benton, Co-Founder of Chew

Every day, thousands of people are connecting locally (and globally) on Sensay in order to give and receive advice around love and relationships, finding new job opportunities, travel tips, entrepreneurship and more!

At Sensay, we believe that every act of helpfulness makes a difference. That’s why we’re so proud to support this growing movement.

We were recently delighted to hear that one community member is supporting entrepreneurship in developing nations in Africa. We had to spotlight him here.

Meet Wil Benton, co-founder of Chew, a music and entrepreneurship Sensay.

Chew is the DJs’ live streaming community and we’re connecting DJs, music producers and personalities with an engaged global audience.

What do you KNOW on Sensay?

Music, startups, bikes, music tech, fundraising/investment, entrepreneurship, dubstep, Streetwear (and a few other things)

Where are you from

I am from the UK, and live in Guildford — about an hour outside of London. I work in London at Chew ( which I co-founded and am CEO of.

Who are you most passionate about serving?

Young founders, musicians and disrupters!

What was your favorite experience using Sensay so far?

My Skype call with an African entrepreneur in Lagos this afternoon — who I met through Sensay when he asked for help with his new project.

I got a text from Sensay, “Can you help? Need music streaming startup explanation”

I responded, “Hey! I can help with that. I’m cofounder and CEO of a live music streaming (audiovisual) platform for DJ’s. What’s up?”

It turns out, he was looking to build a user curated platform for African music like Soundcloud or Spotify (which aren’t available in Africa).

He wanted to help African artists earn more and make a profit for himself in the process.

I asked if he had any experience with running a record label or signing music/music rights, etc. He told me he didn’t.

We exchanged emails and set up a time for a Skype call where we dove deeper on the details of running a record label and building his platform.

He was very thankful for the help!

What excites you most about being a part of the Sensay community?

International knowledge sharing, with anyone at any time, in realtime. It’s an amazing way to build relationships and connections!

What’s your startup and your mission?

Chew is the DJs’ live streaming community and we’re connecting DJs, music producers and personalities with an engaged global audience.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I grew up in Scotland and learned to play the bagpipes (true story)

Connect with Wil

Wil Benton

Connect to Wil for advice! Get Sensay on your favorite messenger and ask for what you NEED about: Music, startups, bikes, music tech, fundraising/ investment, entrepreneurship, dubstep, Streetwear



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