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Zac Harding
Mar 16 · 4 min read

Over the past decade, messaging apps and platforms have spread like “wildfire” across the globe. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp alone boast near 3 billion users, Wechat another 1.1 billion. But existing messengers have failed to integrate features to serve the growing sophistication of their users, lacking the tools to create thriving communities, reward contributors, manage spam, or spot fake accounts. Instead, users are given bare minimum platforms that expose their private information and profit from their data.

As time goes on, our tendency to develop work and personal relationships online will grow, companies will distribute more of their workforces remotely, and brands will see continual declines in email opens. We need a secure, community-driven (and rewarded) method of communication. Digital messaging has become humanity’s channel of choice, and the current state of messaging platforms is not good enough. It’s a mess.

But in this mess, we see opportunity. It’s time for a better messenger.

If you’re sick of being spied on, fake accounts, scams, spam, limited admin tools, inadequate community organization, and no way to reward those who contribute, then Sense Chat 2.0 is for you, your family, and your followers.

We have limited spots for early access, so sign up now.

You may be wondering, “Limited spots? I thought it was already released?” Let’s catch you up.

Making Sense: A Brief History

In March of 2019, we released the first hyper-secure crypto-enabled video messenger on the EOS blockchain. We become the first to encrypt messages using your private key and the first to offer video calls between blockchain addresses, using EOS accounts. With over 60,000 accounts created, we were shattering our goals.

But then something unexpected occurred: a CPU shortage on the EOS network! During this phase, we realized how tied to the EOS blockchain our app had become. Although there were many benefits to this, we also discovered its critical shortcomings. So, we reviewed where we were and decided that what we had created was worth keeping, but uncoupling it from EOS would be difficult and cause issues for our Sense.Chat users; we weren’t willing to risk.

Therefore, we decided that the original Sense.Chat would become EOS Chat and we would take what we learned and build Sense Chat 2.0 from scratch. (More details on EOS Chat below…)

After months of white-boarding, re-design, and development, our team is preparing to release a reinvented app with a radically rebooted front end, back end, and a new set of community building features with never before seen crypto features as the cherry on top.

Sense Chat 2.0

We’re creating a better messenger.

  • A safe, secure platform where you can chat with your friends, family, and followers
  • New and improved community management tools
  • Exclusive features that reward engagement and promote positive contribution.
  • A p2p account verification system that will help spot fake accounts, scams and spam

The new Sense Chat is launching as a blockchain agnostic tool, with an expanded vision to allow for more chains, meaning more wallets and more tokens. First, you can make SENSE and optionally connect your EOS account. Eventually, you’ll be able to connect more accounts across other chains to share and hold tokens and digital collectibles.

We believe sharing crypto should be fun, chatting with friends should be safe, and YOU should be the only one benefitting from your data. Sense Chat and all Make Sense Labs products, reflects this ethos and vision for the future of social networking.

Get Early Access

Upon joining, you’ll be placed on a waitlist, which determines how soon you’re allowed into the app once it’s launched.

You can increase your position on the waitlist by inviting friends!

The higher your position, the earlier you get access. The sooner you’re in, the more you can claim and unlock before anyone else. Plus, we’ll be giving out exclusive rewards.

Get early access to the new Sense Chat now!

So, What About the Original Sense.Chat?

The current Sense.Chat, as you know it is becoming EOS Chat. We’re keeping our innovative encryption method that has created a hyper-secure and crypto enabled messenger on the EOS blockchain. All functions will remain intact, and all tokens currently visible in your Sense Chat app, will remain visible in EOS Chat. We plan on adding token functionality for every EOS token down the road. You can export your EOS private key to port your account to any wallet, and import your account into the new Sense Chat.

EOS Chat is simple: it allows an EOS account to talk to another EOS account, with no other identity info needed, and to trade and hold tokens on the EOS blockchain.

We envision both apps will take on a life of their own — and we can’t wait to see how that unfolds with our community at the helm!

So, now you know the story, crypto hunters. We’ll be listening to your feedback every step of the way. In the meantime, at Make Sense Labs, you’ll find us heads down doing big things, pushing for user rights, and upending social networking norms.

Who knows? Maybe we’ll build encrypted chat messengers for our sister blockchains next.

Chat Soon,

Make Sense Labs Team

Get early access to the new Sense Chat now!



Sense Chat

Sense Chat is a blockchain encrypted messenger with SENSE…

Zac Harding

Written by

Marketing Madman 🤓| Blockchain Enthusiast 🤖 | Serial Dreamer 🌈 | Director of Marketing @SenseChat | Pv @songtradr

Sense Chat

Sense Chat is a blockchain encrypted messenger with SENSE cryptocurrency.

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