Sense Chat Update: Mainnet, Android, Token Migration & Public Channels

Zac Harding
Jan 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Welcome to 2019, the year of the dApps! With 2018 in the rearview mirror, it is time to look forward and present to you an update of where Sense Chat is headed. As we continue our iOS beta program, we have heard your feedback and we are taking action.

Over the past few weeks, the Sense Chat team has been vigorously working on Android, our intrepid CEO has spoken with Bloomberg, Coinrivet, BreakerMag, and Exploring EOS about the importance of decentralization, the SENSE token migration is being tested for launch and we are designing public channels as requested by the community. We’ve been busy!

Here’s what’s up:


Very soon we’ll be moving from Testnet to Mainnet. What exactly does that mean? Testnet is what it sounds like, a network for testing that can be reset at any time. The Mainnet is a permanent record. When we move Sense Chat to Mainnet your account, contacts, and tokens will vanish. Don’t worry, those tokens didn’t really exist in the first place.

Once we’re on Mainnet, you can claim your first 1000 SNS tokens by providing feedback. If you’ve already submitted feedback, we’ll be sending you instructions via the email you provided on how to claim your 1000 SNS tokens.


We thought to release iOS on the App Store first, followed by Android, but the community has spoken, and they want both. We pushed back the iOS release to BUIDL Android and launch equally to everyone.

We thank you for your patience. As EOS dApp developers, we’re in uncharted territory and value-driven development is more complicated than the average line of code. Luckily, we love a good challenge.

Once Android is ready for beta testing, you’ll be the first to get an invite. So, make sure you’re on our email list and follow us on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and of course Medium for updates regarding the Android beta.

Token Migration

In collaboration with shEOS, we have developed a protocol for token migration from Ethereum to EOS. Soon, we’ll be providing a landing page where you can paste your ERC-20 wallet containing your SENSE tokens and your EOSwallet to migrate your tokens from SENSE to SNS using the simple and secure EOS-21 protocol.

Public Channels

Your feedback leads our development, and that’s why we’ve started designing and developing public channels. At first, there will be a few curated public channels where you can invite and chat with other people. As you use this new feature, please remember to shake your phone to provide feedback so we can continue developing around your requests.

We’re very excited for the year ahead of us and that you ’re so closely tied to what we create. Community makes the most sense. Thank you for being you!

Pre-order the app here


Sense.Chat allows anyone with a new or existing EOS account to share tokens and connect in private text, audio and video chats.

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