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Jun 19 · 3 min read
Sense.Chat Update: Pump SENSE, Final Token Migration, dGoods Partnership & More

Things sure seem to be picking up speed in the blockchain community! The crypto winter has ended (finally) and there was a big announcement by about its upcoming platform Voice. Through all this excitement we’ve been working hard. Although the Apple App Store Review Process has not been the easiest to deal with, we’ve continued to innovate and grow. We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on, improving on, and what the future holds for Sense.Chat.

Here at Sense Chat Labs, we’ve been concocting new ways to bring value to the community by rewarding collaboration, conversations, and content. On top of that, we’ve been working on some basic functionality that you, our community, have been asking for: profile customization! Finally, we have the last token migration approaching on June 15th, and we’re officially partnering with Mythical Games to bring dGoods to Sense.Chat.

Let’s discuss more:


Pump SENSE — Give SENSE to friends to show them you value what they’re saying.

We all agree knowledge and creativity is valuable, so is a LIKE 👍 enough? We don’t think so! We believe that most chat apps are missing basic functionality to organize content by what has real value. To solve this, we’re introducing a new feature in channels called SENSE Pumping. Now you’ll be able to help curate the best content by pumping it with SENSE. On the receiving end, you’ll earn SENSE in channels when your content or comments are pumped by others!

Pump SENSE by double tapping a comment and selecting an amount of SENSE to give. The amount will appear right next to the comment, showing its relevance and value.

Your knowledge is valuable. Earn rewards by collaborating with your community.

We’ll be using this new feature to run trivia, bounties, torches, lotteries and more. Let’s get pumping and make some SENSE! Check out the video here.

Profile Customization

Your profile should represent you, and while there is more customization to come, we have started with the essential features of changing your profile picture and adding a bio. Select from 40 pixEOS avatars to stand out in a channel and add some info about yourself to your profile.

Final Token Migration

The final migration is beginning on June 15th and will be open until July 15th. This will be your last chance to teleport your ERC-20 SENSE tokens to EOS-21 SENSE tokens. Please don’t miss this last chance to 3x your SENSE!

On June 15th follow the instructions at

New Channel: #bounties

Are you a bounty hunter? Need something done? Then this channel is for you! Earn SENSE by completing bounties or post a bounty with instructions and a reward. When we post a bounty you’ll receive a notification, so make sure you don’t have notifications turned off.

New Listings: WhaleEx & NewDex

We’ve discovered that SENSE has been listed on WhaleEx and NewDex! This is very exciting news. Especially, if you’re looking to get your pump on with more SENSE.

dGoods Partnership

Blockchain made NFTs possible and they’re becoming more a part of our everyday lives, but we want to make them even more accessible. The process of exchanging virtual goods should be as easy as game, chat, trade. That’s why we’re officially joining the dGoods collaboration to bring sticker functionality to Sense.Chat! Soon, you’ll be able to collect and trade while you chat. Check the demo video out here.

We’ll keep you updated on the exact date that you’ll be able to trade dGoods on Sense.Chat. Thanks for being an amazing member of our community!

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Sense.Chat is anew, fun and secure way to chat, earn and share. Have fun and build communities around tokens.

Zac Harding

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Marketing Madman 🤓| Blockchain Enthusiast 🤖 | Serial Dreamer 🌈 | Director of Marketing @SenseChat | Pv @songtradr


Sense.Chat is anew, fun and secure way to chat, earn and share. Have fun and build communities around tokens.

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