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SenseDeep — Beautiful Metrics

SenseDeep offers a highly visual and customizable dashboard so you can see your most critical serverless metrics at a glance.

The SenseDeep Dashboard includes:

  • Graphical and instantly readable Serverless metrics.
  • Improved widget layout and resolution.
  • Exact widget positioning and stacking.
  • Automatic layout reset option.
  • Responsive design for varying screen sizes.
  • Ability to easily customize the dashboard.
  • Extend via from a gallery of additional widgets.
  • Save and share dashboard layouts.

The SenseDeep dashboard provides three types of widgets. We will be expanding on this initial widget set in future releases.


The graph is a time line view of a Lambda metric such as the number of function invocations, errors or function concurrency.

You can specify the time duration for graphing and the aggregation inverval via the Date / Time selection menus at the top of the dashboard.


Gauge widgets display a metric unit value over the most recently sampled interval period.


View widgets are a link to display Lambda function details or CloudWatch log groups.

The view widgets display the number of CloudWatch events cached in your browser for immediate viewing. The size of the log group cache as well as the percentage loaded is also shown.

View widgets in blue are for Lambda functions and will link to the Lambda details page.

The teal view widgets link to the SenseDeep CloudWatch logs viewer.

Click the view button to jump to the relevant view. The Log button displays the Log Edit panel to modify the configuration of the underlying CloudWatch log.


The widget gallery contains additional widgets that you can add to the dashboard.

Click on the widget gallery icon to display a gallery of extra widgets.

In the gallery, click on the widget plus (+) icon to add to your dashboard.

You can remove a widget from dashboard by clicking on the (x) icon in the top left of the widget. This will return the widget to the gallery.

Automatic Layout

When you first display the dashboard, SenseDeep will perform a default layout of the widgets. However, you can perform a layout reset at anytime via the “Reset” icon.

Clicking the reset icon will restore the layout to the previously saved layout. Clicking Cmd-Reset or Control-Reset on Windows will do a hard-reset where SenseDeep will revert to a default layout.

Manual Layout

You can move widgets by clicking on the title area and dragging to a new position. The SenseDeep dashboard area has an alignment grid of 20 pixels to make it easier to align widgets.

You can resize widgets by clicking and dragging the bottom left widget resize handle to achieve the desired size.

When a widget is moved or resized, it also is moved to the top of the vertical stack of widgets. This will be noticeable if you have overlapping widgets.

Save Dashboard

Whenever you make a change to the dashboard layout or widgets, you will be given the option to save the new layout via a top “Save” button. Clicking save will make this layout, the new default when you revisit the dashboard or whenever team-members display the dashboard.

If you make changes without clicking save, they will not be persisted or shared. The enables you to temporarily resize or maximize widgets to explore metrics without jeopardizing the default layout.

Responsive Design

The SenseDeep dashboard is responsive by design. As you resize the browser, the widget proportions will be maintained wherever possible.


The new dashboard highlights important serverless metrics so you can see at a glance how your service is performing.

SenseDeep is the fastest Serverless troubleshooting service. It is unique in that it uses direct access from your browser to AWS rather than duplicating Lambda and log data in a 3rd party solution.

SenseDeep will display Lambda results in real-time with full metrics, analysis and application log data in context. SenseDeep is the fastest serverless troubleshooter.

Getting Started

There is nothing to install. Just navigate your browser to:

To learn more about SenseDeep and how to use the app, please read the documentation at:

Please let us know what you think, we thrive on feedback.

Originally published at on July 29, 2020.




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