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Idle Finance Integration is Live on Sense

The integration with Idle Finance is live and can be accessed through the Sense Portal.

The first Idle Finance strategy onboarded to Sense is the stETH Junior Tranche, and its first series matures on March 1st, 2023.

Sense users can now earn fixed rates and trade future yield atop high-yielding Idle Finance strategies, and holders of those strategies can earn extra yield by providing their liquidity to Space pools on Sense and earning trading fees.

Idle’s Junior Tranche stETH strategy gets improved yield versus a normal stETH position in exchange for protecting Senior Tranche holders from validator key management & slashing risk, the same type of risk that stETH holders are exposed to.

If you want your yield to come from ETH staking, but also want it to be higher than you would get from just stETH, this is for you!

Incentives for early Space LPs

Finally, we’re excited to announce an incentive program with Idle DAO.

To encourage early liquidity provision, Idle DAO will reward the first 10 LPs who deposit at least $5k in the Space LP market and hold their funds for 30 days.

Successful depositors will receive a 3% APY boost in $IDLE 🎉

First in, first served.

Provide liquidity:

Get fixed rates :

Trade future yields:

Rapid integration with 4626 vaults

The Junior Tranche stETH was onboarded through Sense’s new ERC4626 adapter factory, which can onboard any compliant asset with a single on-chain function call. No longer do integrations require custom adapters and long development lifecycles. Creating fixed-rate markets on Sense is as easy as instantiating a new AMM pool on Uniswap.

With the help of a soon-to-be-launched UI, any protocol team & DAO will be free to onboard their yield-bearing assets on Sense. If you are interested in enabling fixed rates in your ecosystem, please join our discord and reach out to us!

This integration is another step toward the future Sense is building: our vision is to create decentralized, transparent, fair factories for yield curves and other yield primitives on-chain along with fully decentralized markets for yield discovery.

If you’re excited about this vision and want to help build it, join us. We’re actively hiring and are always on the lookout for top talent. Join our community on Discord to get involved, and follow us on Twitter for updates!



A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.

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Sense Finance

A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.