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Permissionless Adapter UI Public Beta Is Live on Sense

Today Sense takes a leap toward completing our mission of creating permissionless fixed-rate infrastructure. Anyone can now onboard new assets and launch new series through the Sense Portal using the public beta of our Adapter UI!

With the new Sense Adapter UI, users can roll matured series or permissionlessly create new fixed-rate series at a maturity of their choosing.

To deploy a new series, all they need to do is click the “Deploy New Adapter” button and fill out the form. If you’re unsure where to find the correct factory address, come ask us in the discord.

By rolling a series or launching their own, users become a series sponsor, which gives them a privileged window after maturity to roll the series, reclaim your stake, and collect any issuance fees the adapter has earned before anyone else can.

The new adapter UI doesn’t just empower users to create or roll new series for existing Sense supported assets: users can onboard any variable-yielding asset from a protocol or standard for which Sense has created an adapter factory.

The following adapter factories are live on mainnet:

  • Compound v2 factory: this enables series for all cTokens
  • ERC-4626 factory: this enables series for all maTokens, all of angle’s SLPs, Idle’s junior tranches, and any other token that conforms to ERC-4626 standard.

More factories will be coming out over time.

To onboard a new asset to Sense, all you need is the address of the yield-bearing token and the address of the relevant Adapter Factory. Just after launch, new tokens may be restricted by whitelisting, but you can request that the team whitelist any unwhitelisted tokens in the discord.

Once you’ve deployed the adapter, you’ll see it appear below and can “roll” the first series.

Have another asset you want to onboard that isn’t covered by an existing factory? Reach out to us in the discord.

This permissionless Adapter UI is another step toward the future Sense is building: our vision is to create decentralized, transparent, fair factories for yield curves and other yield primitives on-chain, along with fully decentralized markets for yield discovery.

If you’re excited about this vision and want to help build it, join us. We’re actively hiring and are always on the lookout for top talent. Join our community on Discord to get involved, and follow us on Twitter for updates!



A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.

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Sense Finance

A decentralized, permissionless, fixed income protocol on Ethereum.