Conversation within

Calm down . It’s too early to worry, it’s meaningless to hang on to things that bother. why? because there are millions of people you haven’t met, millions of things to do, millions of things to see, millions of places to walk, millions of stories to hear. Every story constructing in a way to be unique, find them , listen to them , watch them . Adventures that isn’t always bungee jumping or treading a cliff. Adventure is listening to the stories of an 80 year old stranger over coffee, your adventures are different , its not material its pure information. The stories will craft you, build you , turn you into someone completely new ad when the moment comes , you will be able to relive these stories , and cherish in them .Go outside and listen to the forest stories of a young man , the grande amour of the lady across the street, and the stories of a young boy who moves a lot. Just listen and enjoy the story.

— Conversation inside my brain , AH

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