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Collection of 100+ Insightful Life Lessons from My Personal Stories

A summary of valuable perspectives gained from people whose paths crossed with mine via serendipitous encounters

Dr Mehmet Yildiz
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61 min readJan 17, 2022

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Welcome to my personal story collection. I believe you will find some valuable insights from the stories linked to this collection. They reflect my decades of experience with inspiring people in my circles. I provide a brief story summary and a link to the original story.

You may find the map of this article based on broader topics.

Interesting Relationships in Personal Stories

Some people leave remarkable impressions on our lives. Friends, relatives, colleagues, professionals, mentors, community members, and even strangers can play a role in our decision-making. Beautiful relationships remain in fond memories, whether they bring joy or grief.

I met numerous people who appeared at the right time in my life, especially at crossroads, and gave me valuable insights.

Most of them were serendipitous encounters. I see them as metaphorical angels appearing during challenging times. I explained why I believe in angels in a previous story.

Some readers enjoyed my personal stories about interesting and insightful people I met face-to-face or online. Their feedback inspired me to share more.

In this post, I summarize some personal stories with links to originals featuring people who entered my life journey and taught me valuable life lessons. I update this collection as I post new stories.



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