Special Privileges: No thanks!

Changes to network configuration can be difficult and time consuming to do. Today’s networks are virtualized, complex and outsourced to 3rd party data centers ran by contractors.Many things can go wrong, and it takes time and effort to communicate, implement and validate the needed changes. This difficulty makes adopting new technology harder. It could be easier if the impact to surrounding configuration changes can be minimized or no configuration is required at all.

One of the early design principles for our products was to minimize the need for network configuration changes. This makes it both easier and safer for our customers to test our products, to build trust into them, and then bring them into production.

Beacon does one thing and it does it well. Beacon calls Home. This builds on the UNIX philosophy from 1978 documented by Doug McIlroy:

Make each program do one thing well. To do a new job, build afresh rather than complicate old programs by adding new “features”.

Deploying is a breeze

After Home is set up (by you or by us), you build the Beacons (it’s as easy as 1–2–3) and drop them in place. Plug in power and network, and it’s done.