A Delicate Touch

Her First Time With A Woman

Ippo H.
Ippo H.
Dec 28, 2019 · 7 min read
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As I strip off my clothes, an autumn breeze flutters through the cracked window cooling my heated skin. Resting myself on our bed, you are sitting across the room gazing upon us casually, but I can only imagine what you’re really feeling.

My chest is skipping in what I’d call nervousness, but there is a certain excitement that follows it. She is taking slow stride toward me unhooking her bra, stopping at the edge of the bed. Sliding off her panties she exposes her completely bare figure.

I wiggle back slightly as her weight presses onto the bed over me, glancing over at you, your expression is the same minus the new small smirk you are wearing. Turning my attention up, I look deep into her eyes, the heat of her body is clearly felt as our breasts brush against each other.

My body shivers from the new feeling, her aroused nipples caressing my skin. She is straddled over one of my legs, I can instantly tell how wet she is from the slightest touch. Knowing this is my first time she approaches me gently, her soft hand lightly holds my face. Closing my eyes, I can feel her drawing closer to my quivering lips.

With a drumming heart, I have the urge to move but her other hand holds my hip down with a small amount of pressure. The steady grip brings a sense of comfort to me like she is reading my feelings and wishes to take care of them.

I relax as our breaths become felt, the moment freezes, her delicate female lips touch mine carrying a sweet scent. The sensation is something entirely new, but my body is reacting in such a pure way.

Falling deeper into our kiss, I naturally extend my tongue to greet hers. Wrapping my arms around her back I pull her closer to me, our smooth skin pressed together shoots a tingly sensation through my body.

"I’m going to be so good to you sweetie, I’ll make your husband over there... really proud," the last words fell slowly, as her hand glides up to my breast. She is taking extra care in each and every movement, wanting to be soft with me.

Lightly tracing my already sensitive nipple, I arch slightly from the feeling of her drifting down towards my neck. Gently sucking with small delicate bites, the passion in her lips ignites the lust within me. I take a second to glance over at you, you’re biting your lip slowly stroking your cock to our sensual touches.

Seeing you so excited helps me let go, the nervousness is gone, all I want is pleasure. Running my hands down her back, the smooth, soft skin is completely different, but not bad in any way. Grabbing her ass, she begins to slide down slowly, I can feel her soft lips inch closer and closer to my breasts. Rolling her tongue along them, one of her hands slides its way to my waist. I can’t help but let out a gentle moan.

Looking up, she sends me a soft smile before latching back on to my stiff pink nipples. A delicate hand starts to massage the soft folds of my wet pussy. My body shakes as she knows how to touch each sensitive spot. Spreading my wetness around, I can feel hers leaving a small streak of her arousal down my leg as she inches across my body. Her mouth grows closer and closer with each kiss, the sensation is already spilling forward before she even gets there.

The subtle teasing is pushing me farther, as she rests herself between my legs, her deep breathe tickles my pussy, making it twitch with excitement. Grabbing my legs, soft lips kiss the sensitive folds of my slit. She’s being a perfectionist in the way she works her tongue, making sure to taste each spot before moving on.

I can feel her tongue extending into me, gently caressing my tender insides. Sensual cries echo across the room, each sweet pet makes my body vibrate. Sliding her soft lips up, the swirling of her tongue cuts my breath short. Running her hand along my thighs, small fingers explore each sensitive piece of my smooth skin. I grab the back of her head as she finds the spot. Rocking myself on her hand, she sucks on my clit with a burning passion. Wanting me to get there, she pushes me harder and harder shaking me to the core.

"Play with her ass," your voice is soft, but the message is clear. She looks at you for a second before diving back in. My ass is already so wet from my dripping pussy, with her finger still in me she lets the other fall and start playing with the entrance.

"Mmmm... yeah... more," I’m wholly lost in the pleasure, I feel like I’m going to burst.

Seeing my reaction, she starts to push a finger in. My body tenses, but quickly let's go as each of her gentle knuckles falls deeper and deeper into my ass.

Grabbing the back of her hair harder, I press her into my clit, an uncontrollable rush falls from me. "Aahhh.. I’m.... ye.. yes!" Pitching my voice high, I give in. Torrents of sweet liquid spill from my pussy, eagerly her mouth drops in front drinking me up. With her hand working so diligently within me, the soft feeling of her tongue lapping me up makes me dizzy with pleasure.

My chest is ringing with heavy breathes, as she slows her movements I can't help but want to please her in the same way. Looking down I watch her raise herself up, wearing a seductive smile I can feel her lips being pulled to mine. Crawling her way up my body, I can taste myself through our kiss.

Pressing her back, I’m overcome by my sexual desires. My hand moves down quick, rubbing deeply into her wet pussy. Sucking in her breast, I work my finger in her feeling the way she vibrates from my touch. The cool room is now steaming as I dive another finger in deeper, taking care to massage her in the same way, if not better.

"Oh.. you are soooo.. good," she whispers over her labored breaths. Instead of sliding down, I wrap my hips around her face. Losing all control, I press my lips to her pussy licking into her with an intensity that surprises even myself. With the sudden pleasure, she sends out a sexy moan that shakes me deeply. Pulling my hips down on her face, we lick each other intimately.

As I move my hips back and forth on her tongue, she props herself higher letting me touch deeper. My spit is dripping down, mixing with her sweet flavor. Wrapping my arms around her legs I grab her ass spreading it wide. Wanting to give her the same amazing pleasure, I start massaging both of her delicate, wet entrances.

Her movements are cut with a gasp from the sensual feeling, I breathe heavier as I work my fingers into both places. The feeling of giving pleasure to another female is so fresh, but I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. Looking up at you, I can see how completely fixed you are, following every movement as you continue to play with yourself.

Lowering my ass some, her tongue start to work inside. Oh how I love this naughty feeling, my legs shake with hers as I fall back into her pussy. Licking with ever-increasing force, my hand pushes in harder and harder.

"Ohhh...ohhh...like that.. yes!" Her voice climbs higher with each pet and thrust. Our beautiful female forms tangle together, I can feel myself getting closer as she works her lips back to my pussy. She is trembling in unison with me, her slick cum slides down my fingers soaking the bed. I want to taste her, I want to cum with her.

We both suck in each other’s swollen clits, my body ripples with hers as she presses two fingers into my ass. Working my fingers all the way in, I find her spot making her body shudder.

"Fuck yes... right... there!" Her pussy twitches on my hand. With one more small tremor, a beautiful flow of liquid falls from her. The feeling of her moaning lips vibrating on my pussy tips me over in an uncontrollable rush.

"Oh my god... me.. me to," I can’t help but press back as I cum all over her face, muffling her cries. Falling forward, I get a good taste of her sweet honey as she drinks me up in return. Never did I think I would be so into this, but there is hunger still in me as are loud moans grow softer.

Easing myself off her, I gaze upon her naked body. Shining slightly with sweat, I feel myself ready for more, ready for you. Sitting herself up, we share one more deep kiss, our tongues play around each others mouth as we continue to feel each other up.

"Feels like you’ve done this before, even though I know I’m your first," she says caressing my thigh, giving me a naughty smile.

"I kinda lost myself there, but your touch was perfect. You get me so hot," I kiss her one more time before we both look at you.

"How about you join us," she says seductively waving you over with her finger.

Watching you strip your clothes, we both lay on the edge of the bed. Your hard cock is throbbing as it is brought closer to us. Taking it into my hand, I can feel the heat radiating from you. Both our lips wrap around the head, slowly I start stroking you as she massages your balls.

I can only wonder what it must feel like for you, having two beautiful women’s tongues wrapping around your cock...

Sensual Enchantment

Celebrating the enchanted nature of life, love and sexuality

Ippo H.

Written by

Ippo H.

I write because it makes me feel good. Poems... Erotic Stories... & how do they make you feel? ifhmorningstar@gmail.com

Sensual Enchantment

Celebrating the enchanted nature of life, love and sexuality

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