I Become You

Anthony O'Dugan
Sensual: An Erotic Life
1 min readApr 19, 2021


from CRAVE 2: Forbidden Secrets

Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash

I remember your smell from before I knew you.
The taste of our first kiss was something I recalled, like a distant memory.
When you touch me it’s as if I’m awake for the first time
free to live all the dreams I have collected,
like finding a special stone by the river
or seeing the Sun escape from behind a cloud to illuminate your smile.
I know you now like I’ve known you before, so many times forevermore.
A different song, a different dance, but always you.
Each time I paint myself across the open expanse of your heart
and each time you take my hand and guide me to your sacred place,
a place once only yours, but always shared when we have found one another.
Electricity runs through me every time your eyes meet mine
as if every cell in my body is comprised of those which were once yours.
I feel your breath of old circulate in my mouth, forming whispers and words
that I’ve always heard you speak.
Now they are mine, delivered unto you, as you cycle through me
and I become you.

© agod