I Saw My Friend Doing It with Her Fingers and I Tried It Too

And that gave my intimate satisfaction a boost

Sensual: An Erotic Life


Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Who has never spied a friend doing something curious and thought: “Why not?” That’s exactly what happened to me when I accidentally caught my friend touching herself in the shower.

Okay, now you must be super confused to know how this happened, right? After all, I confess that this is not a typical situation. That said, I can explain myself — It was all just a big misunderstanding and I ended up catching her in the act.

Like this? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything about this unusual moment.
I was at her house to talk about some everyday topics and at a certain point she left to take a shower. She asked me to wait patiently in the room, and so I did. However, after a few minutes, I heard her asking me to pay for her towel that was spread out in the laundry area and take it to her room, I did that, but when I opened the door so I could put the towel on the bed so that when As she got out of the shower, I ended up hearing a small groan and reflexively I ended up turning my face towards the bathroom, which had the door slightly open. That way, I ended up seeing a glimpse of my friend touching herself while taking a shower and making some movements that were very different from what I had ever seen before. It was a…