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Sensual Highlights for the Week of July 3, 2022

Including excerpts from some of our favorites

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Below are excerpts from some of our favorite submissions this week, but don’t forget to check out all of the terrific offerings on the main Sensual page as well, and also see what’s trending there.

Thank you to all the writers and readers who support this sex-positive community. Happy 4th of July to those in the United States.


Essays 🧠

Queer Imposter Syndrome and Pansexual Me by Danielle Loewen
Sure, my first sexual experience was with another girl. And then I forgot about it for about a decade. Thanks, compulsory heterosexuality.

Ok, so it took me a while to figure out I found other women sexy! Even when I was busy kissing them at parties.

This confusion kinda made it hard for me to be friends with women in my teens and twenties. I finally figured the friend part out. But now I have to learn how to flirt with them and dear lord am I an amateur.

I’m in Love With a Woman Again by Keeva Black
It wasn’t until a month later when Sam and I went to see a movie together on a windy spring day that I found out she felt the same. Her hair had blown everywhere as we entered the theater. I casually reached up to tuck a stray strand behind her ear when she grabbed my hand and kissed me instead. We were right out in the open, but that didn’t stop her. I didn’t either.

When our lips parted, I asked her if she wanted to skip the show and get a room at the hotel across the street instead. She agreed.

My First Rendezvous with the Riding Crop by Ava Gavi
As we entered our room, a sort of surreal feeling came over me looking at Michael, knowing what he wanted, what we both wanted, what we were going to be doing. As soon as the door shut, we moved towards each other with a soft yet demanding hug, looking at each other with a hunger that only the other could satisfy, our “instantly shared fantasy” (as Michael had described it) soon to be realized.

The Best Lingerie Makes a Man Blush by Tris Harkness
And the more I think about it, the more I like the fact that I bought this ring for myself. It’s not a stamp of approval from my husband. It’s not a signal of how much a man values me. It’s a signal of how much I value myself.

This may seem unrelated to my sexual awakening, but to me, it’s all of a piece. When I put on that ring, I will remember my true value. When I put on that ring, I will acknowledge my power. I will use its magic to ground and center me, to call forth my magic, and to bewitch my suitors.

I Came Out to My Bookclub Last Night by Elle Beau
I also told the group about how freeing and empowering it was to go to a sex club, a place where swingers and poly people hung out, and how it was in that atmosphere that I finally reclaimed my sexuality for myself — taking it back from a world that had always sent the message that my sexuality existed for the pleasure and enjoyment of men. They actually seemed to understand how this might be the case, and although a couple of people said, “I think I’d be too insecure or jealous to do that,” nobody said anything else that was disparaging or dismissive. They didn’t treat me any differently than they had before.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

work & play by Aaron Quist
the question teases its mark
on bended knee.
the grant to enter? or
the river of hands splashing
over our wet, curved, sublimations.
you’re here to make a stage of



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