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Sensual Highlights for the Week of November 20, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving week

These are the highlights from some of our favorite Sensual submissions of the week. Please check out the Sensual home page for more of our erotic poetry and essays. And, if you haven’t already signed up to get this weekly newsletter in your email, you can do so at the bottom and never miss a moment from some of the hottest, most thought-provoking writers on Medium.

To our readers and our fabulous writing community, Happy Thanksgiving — we are grateful for you!


Essays 🧠

TMI: What Clothes Turn You On? by Brett Jenae Tomlin
Kilts. My college marching band uniform was white button-down shirts under black ties and jackets and kilts complete with sporrans. We were the Marching Scots and we took our kilt-wearing seriously, so seriously that many went “blue ribbon”, or sans panties. Talk about temptation. Woof.

5 Husbands And Several Lovers By the Time She Reached 48 by Aimée Gramblin
During the first third of Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders, we are taken through Moll’s life from a destitute child borne by a woman at Newgate Prison to her insistence on becoming a whore instead of a maid.

It makes sense to me: Moll would rather sleep with men she is attracted to anyway, who give her money than cater to others and not sow some wild oats. In Moll Flanders, Defoe drives me a bit batty:

Confident Enough to Be Silly = Sexy by Elle Beau
Sure, Craig is a conventionally attractive man with chiseled arms and a handsome face. But if you remember Christopher Walken (who is not a conventionally attractive man) throwing down the moves in Fatboy Slim’s video for Weapon of Choice, you’ll understand that it’s the attitude that actually makes for the cool — and Craig is oozing attitude here.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

When She Crushes On Me by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson
When she crushes on me
I find it hard to breathe
because it’s usually me
who’s the hunter
trying to keep her
in my space
that’s why it’s so unsettling
— when she crushes on me

Dirty Little Terms by Nakaziba Musiimenta
Push it inside, I whisper
My Body coiling
Hips tossing and turning
Soft sighs rising
You secretly smile
As my fragility tickles your length

’Twas The Day of Harvest End by Zachary Phillips
’Twas the day of Harvest End,
And the festival was in town.
Liquor and laughter ran free
And all sorts of debauchery abound.



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