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Sensual Highlights for the Week of November 27, 2022

Including excerpts from some of our favorites

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Essays 🧠

TMI: Naughty or Nice? by Brett Jenae Tomlin
These kinds of conversations are not taught. They certainly were not taught to me. I was raised sexless, fearing the wrath of a god who would send me to hell for having conversations like this.

But then, I realized that if I didn’t have these conversations, I risked:

  1. Missing out on the greatest pleasures for myself and my sexual partner(s).
  2. Being in a sexual situation where one or both (or more) of us accidentally killed a spicy, passionate mood.
  3. Having something done to me (or doing something to someone else) that wasn’t desirable for one or both of us.

A Word that Sparks My Erotic Desires by G. Charles
Fun sexual expression is edgy — there’s the mind-game type of teasing involved.

Edgy is like being tied spread-eagle to bedposts with fingers and a tongue running over the body, creating phenomenal arousal and inflaming the imagination.

Foreplay should include some edginess, moving from sweet to sultry like a kiss on the cheek to a swat on the ass or a soft touch along the cock. Foreplay signals what is to happen and stirs the imagination.

7 Reasons Why It’s Important for Every Man to Know His Inner Woman by Lenerd Louw
It means getting to know the parts of yourself that are feminine in their essence and quality. Yes, we all have masculine parts and feminine parts inside ourselves, whether man, woman, or in between. In every woman are masculine parts and qualities, in every man are feminine parts and qualities.

From my journey of getting to know and hanging out with my inner woman, I can say that it added immense value to my life and I experienced massive shifts, insights and healing. It’s been transformational and mind-blowing, to say the least …!

Does Becoming Androgynous Lead to Tantric Bliss? by Katrina Lynn
Although we normally consider someone to be androgynous who seems to look neither masculine nor feminine, it is also defined as someone who carries both masculine and feminine characteristics.

In tantra, these masculine and feminine characteristics are not referring to physical looks. It doesn’t mean a woman who has short hair and wears suits or a man who has long hair and flowing clothing. These are simply combining society’s norms for the different genders. It has nothing to do with true masculine or feminine energies.

This Is Why Women Fake Orgasms by Rachel
To test the validity of this claim, expert Jessica Jordan devised three studies. First, she recruited 150 women through Facebook to conduct an anonymous investigation. Through this research, she found that when a woman earns more money than her partner, she is more likely to fake orgasms to balance the relationship, despite compromising her own sexual satisfaction.

The second study involved 300 college-age women. Again, those who suspected that their partner’s masculinity was precarious were more likely to suffer from anxiety and fake orgasms and feel more sexually dissatisfied. In addition, they also had more difficulties communicating with their partners about sexual issues.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

Say Yes by Zachary Phillips
I won’t chase you.
I don’t play games.
I speak clearly.
I will tell you what I want.



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