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Sensual Highlights for the Week of October 2, 2022

Including our favorites from the September challenge — Memorable

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When we asked writers to tell us about a memorable sexual experience or relationship, we had no idea the wide range of submissions that would appear. Thank you to everyone who participated in this writing challenge, for sharing your memories with us — most of them good, but some bittersweet, and one that was a terrible memory. This rich array was a pleasure to read, and difficult to choose between, but here, in no particular order, are our top three favorite essays and two favorite poems.

Please be sure to check out the other submissions, all with the kicker Memorable, on our main Sensual page.

One Sweet Night With My Farmboy Church Lover Brad by James Finn
I wasn’t asleep just then, though I had drifted in and out of dreams all night holding Brad close. His breath counted out a rhythm of sleep, in time with the crickets as his legs wrapped around mine in a grip that would surely forge our bodies into one.

Our combined heat matched the fire of a prayer I whispered to the universe or God or any power that might be listening. “Please hold the sun still for now. Please let the birds go back to bed. Please don’t let this night end.”

The Decency of Decadence by Tris Harkness
How ironic, I thought, that these men think wrong is right. That in the face of a joyous celebration of human sexuality and acceptance, their response is to try to shut it down. To pile on the shame. To shove their own twisted fear down other people’s throats.

Thankfully, I don’t think anyone at the festival listened. They were too busy having fun and glorying in their beautiful, sexy bodies, an activity that continued long after the parade ended and long into the hot dark night.

Not Your Ordinary Threesome by Sarene B. Arias
Naked, I waded a bit further out and found the sea’s second gift. The swirling tides of the day had carved out a wading pool of sorts, still and warm just the size to receive all of me. Longingly, I looked back at Amir, the heat in my eyes echoing the heat of the setting sun. He disrobed and came out to join me.

After The Love Has Remained by Patrick M. Ohana
It was one of those nights
(They have all become the same)
In the heat of Athena’s city
(There is only one)

Unbutton Those Tender Buttons by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson
Tender buttons unbuttoned one by one
I’m weak under your thumb
even when you reel me in and then push me away

Here are the highlights from the past week.

Essays 🧠

I Had Labiaplasty and I Want to Shout It From the Rooftops by Keeva Black
Do I think having elective plastic surgery to feel sexy again will be for everyone? Absolutely not! However, do I think that every woman should move forward on ideas they’ve had for a long time in order to feel a little bit better about themselves? Absolutely!

How to Have the Best, Kinkiest Sex…With Yourself by Anne Shark
One of my go-to fantasies is being dominated. I love being dominated in fantasy, but I am very selective about playing it out in real life. A good Dom is hard to find, one of my past lovers wrote in his OkCupid profile, but I’ll add that a great Dom is nearly impossible.

Luckily, I’ve found the best Dom there is — the one of my fantasies.

Having Two Husbands Makes One Happy Wife! by Tris Harkness
Because, here’s the thing. My actual husband of 39 years would never neck with me on the beach. He wouldn’t want to take the risk of being seen. He wouldn’t want to be outside by the water at night. He wouldn’t even want to lie down on the sand, and I wouldn’t be able to persuade him to try it despite reservations, because after all this time, he’s immune to my charms and shows a marked resistance to my adventurous plans. But that’s okay. He has other things to commend him.

That’s okay, that is if I can have Captain, too…

After the Third Orgasm, the Real Fun Began by Sarene B. Arias
With anxious orgasms and a bit of good fucking out of the way, Daniel and I were both still fully present for our night of love-making and fun. We had started early. The night was still young. The food we had eaten was fresh and light. Our bodies were calm and open. We felt safe, buzzed, and happy to be alive.

That is when the real fun began.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

Anthi & M — Together (sensual version) by Patrick M. Ohana
O Anthi, from your encouraging hair to your ten long toes!
I wonder if you can, from now on, avoid wearing most clothes.



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