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Sensual Highlights for the Week of September 25, 2022

The final week of the Memorable writing challenge

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The deadline for the September writing prompt is right around the corner — Saturday, October 1, 2022. At that time, Sensual will select some of the best submissions of either poetry or essays to feature in the October 2nd Newsletter. We would love to hear from you on the topic of a memorable erotic experience — memorable in either a positive way or even because it didn’t go as planned.

This could be a date, a relationship, a time you tried something new in bed, or anything at all that is related to sex, sexuality, and erotic relationships. It can be funny, reflective, poignant, or just sharing an experience. We’ve gotten a few great submissions already, so don’t forget to check those out.

We look forward to seeing what you have to share. Please add the kicker Memorable if you wish to participate.


Essays 🧠

Stop Trying to Shame Me Because You Feel Shame by Demeter Delune
I share them because I want to, because over many years of feeling shame about my body, I’ve come to realize something. When I share my photos, when I share my body, it helps me heal some of the shame I’ve been taught to feel about it.

Does Size Matter? by Sarene B. Arias
There are many reasons that I will choose not to sleep with a man I find attractive, but penis size is simply not one of them. For example, I can’t stand lovers who must get to the shower within five minutes of sex. Sleeping with them makes me feel like I am wading into their sea of shame and self-hatred. An irresistible need to bolt out of bed is a deal-breaker for me. Penis size is not.

The First Time I Had Sex With A Football Player by Amber Embers
My partner and I were on vacation when I met Tyron and his girlfriend, Sally, at a bar. My partner had arranged the date on a swinger’s dating site. When I saw his pictures I was so excited that my wet ass pussy throbbed. He was also tall, dark and handsome, and also a jock. When I met him I was like a school girl all excited to meet a rock star.

The Human Body Map for Maximum Pleasure by Rachel
Neck: It is the perfect area to start your journey. Initially, it would help if you directed the caresses towards the back of the neck, as the shoulder is so sensitive that they cause you to shiver too much. These caresses should be saved for a later time. When in this area, remember your ears.

The Healing Power of Sexual Liberty by Elle Beau
Conventional wisdom is that society has rules for a reason. They are in our best interests as individuals and as a group. In my opinion, this isn’t true at all — at least not as relates to rules and mores that do not actually impact anyone else. In other words, policing of morality amongst consenting adults is not beneficial, and is in fact, in many cases, harmful. It wasn’t until I began flouting these traditional mores that I understood fully how harmful they had been in my own life, not because they were in and of themselves wrong, but because they had been imposed upon me rather than chosen by me.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

Here Cums the Blessings! by Alloyce Lugoma
Blood’s boiling quick
Her skin’s getting warmer
Oh! She is gorgeous
Embrace me ‘my queen’
Embrace me more



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Elle Beau ❇︎

Elle Beau ❇︎


Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. My favorite word is “specious.” Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Twitter @ElleBeau