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Sensual Highlights From the Week of September 11, 2022

With details about this month’s writing challenge

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Sensual: An erotic life has a writing prompt going on during the month of September. We would love to hear from you on the topic of a memorable erotic experience — memorable in either a positive way or even because it didn’t go as planned. This could be a date, a relationship, a time you tried something new in bed, or anything at all that is related to sex, sexuality, and erotic relationships. It can be funny, reflective, poignant, or just sharing an experience. We’ve gotten a few great submissions already, so don’t forget to check those out.

The deadline for this writing prompt is Saturday, October 1, 2022. At that time, Sensual will select some of the best submissions of either poetry or essays to feature in the October 2nd Newsletter. We look forward to seeing what you have to share. Please add the kicker Memorable if you wish to participate.


Essays 🧠

One Sweet Night With My Farmboy Church Lover Brad by James Finn
I wasn’t asleep just then, though I had drifted in and out of dreams all night holding Brad close. His breath counted out a rhythm of sleep, in time with the crickets as his legs wrapped around mine in a grip that would surely forge our bodies into one.

Our combined heat matched the fire of a prayer I whispered to the universe or God or any power that might be listening. “Please hold the sun still for now. Please let the birds go back to bed. Please don’t let this night end.”

Ecstasy by The Sea by Sarene B. Arias
But, I had not yet touched the waters. They too were calling to me. I laid back into him, licked his neck and lightly bit his earlobe, and then wiggled free to greet the sea.

When I got to the waters, I discovered that the magic of the place was made more so by a bluff just under the water, fifty feet from where I stood. It caught the sea’s waves and broke them a ways out, leaving our beach serene and still.

It’s Not Women’s Fault That Hookup Culture Has Made Men Lazy AF by Emme Witt
Men wanting sex with a woman who’s expressed she’s game for it isn’t an issue in and of itself. The problem is the way many dudes go about it.

Men on dating apps demand sex without putting in any effort to seduce women. This is male entitlement, pure and simple. And in my opinion, it’s laziness.

The Decency of Decadence by Tris Harkness
Many of the stories I read about polyamory contain warnings. And sure enough, we’ve had a rough patch here and there — the latest one being embarrassing enough (I behaved like a dumb ass) that I haven’t felt like writing about it for days on end… (But I will soon. I promise!)

Overall, though, I’m here to report that our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. And often, that positivity has taken this shape: Things I was taught were “bad” turn out to be good. Things others label as “sins” are in fact blessings. And what I formerly considered decadence is actually wholesome fun.

Help Your Partner Have Orgasms Today by Rachel
One thing is for sure, the reasons for stress are increasing nowadays. Some examples are the reality of unemployment, scarce money, or the risk of dismissal. The ‘collateral damage of this situation is reflected in sexual intimacy.

However, in the meantime — intimacy is an excellent way to cut through negative thoughts.

Poetry 🧝‍♀️

Redeeming Eve by Sarene B. Arias
“It must be
I am made
this way to taste
the world like this.”

Shakespeare’s Pussy by Patrick M. Ohana
How mysterious your ways may appear
To half the population facing Eve?
Earth must be a slippery circling sphere
To entertain whilst all my kin doth grieve.
My mind tells my heart to await a year
When my words would become lucently clear.

Female Sensuality by Lindsay Soberano-Wilson
If you’re too square
just be nice to my swirling ocean waves

The Tyranny of Desire by Everyman
I can sense you
Hidden in the dark, dense layers of my unconscious body
Trapped like a wild animal
Behind the gates of my well-educated, domesticated being



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