EMOT Token Private Pre-sale


EMOT tokens are ERC20 (Ethereum) based and are created, owned and managed by Tobius Group, which seeks to create an ecosystem of EMOT utility for decentralized AI/Sentiment related projects or platforms. The Sentigraph platform will use EMOT as both an access and utility token.

It is therefore important to note that the initial EMOT public offering will solely be conducted and administered by Tobius Group. Please ensure to read the Token Sale Agreement, if you will be interested in purchasing EMOT.

Thus, Sentigraph Inc. the company behind the Sentigraph platform, will not conduct any sales of utility [or access] tokens whatsoever.

The current price of 1 EMOT is 0.000036 ETH. A 30% Bonus has been added to Sentigraph Inc. customers who purchase EMOT. All EMOT prices and bonuses have been set by Tobius Group.

The Private Pre-sale end date has been extended until October 1, 2018 11:59PM GMT, unless otherwise announced. Tobius Group is responsible for setting all dates related to the EMOT token sales and for all future adjustments thereof.

How to participate:

  1. Ensure to have completely read the EMOT Token Sale Agreement provided by Tobius Group.
  2. Tobius Group has partnered with some notable companies that will be authorized to sell EMOT to their communities. These companies are KICKICO, LAToken and Zilla: For LAToken — Visit here. You can find LAToken’s official announcement of this listing here as well. For Zilla — Visit zla.io, then locate Sentigraph and you can whitelist (schedule to purchase) there. There will be some upcoming announcements with details about purchasing through KICKICO. Please we advise that you follow any of our social media outlets (most suitable to you) on twitter, facebook, reddit, telegram and discord. If you would prefer to not purchase EMOT via a third party other than Tobius, then you should proceed to #3.
  3. Complete the form at sentigraph.io/private-sale

Prepare yourself before filling the form, things you will need:

  1. ERC20 Wallet Address & QR code (optional)
  2. Preferable Email address (We will email you to verify the process was successful and a KYC/AML later)
  3. Beware the minimum contribution for this private-sale is 0.5 ETH make sure you have that ready on your personal ERC20 Wallet.
  4. Once you fill the necessary information on the step 2, make sure you copy and save the TXhash transaction code.

If you don’t have an ERC20 wallet we recommend you checking this tutorial on how to get an Ethereum address.

Note: You will not need to worry about the change of value in this current volatile cryptocurrency market, saying that, the amount of EMOT you will receive will not change by the value of the ETH currency but it will be fixed amount the whole time.

For example:

  • You contribute 1 ETH today with ether trading at $700 = 1 ETH, then the value goes down to $400, you will still receive 28,000 EMOT for 1ETH.

Phishing caution

  1. We are not sharing wallet or smart contract addresses via e-mail, mirror websites, social media, telegram chats, etc. Beware of Phishing.
  2. Payment addresses will be available only to customers [potential] on the Sentigraph Private pre-sale Form.
Please double check the information you enter in the form, if there are any mistakes during the process or if you have any question regarding the private pre-sale contact one of our admins on Telegram. https://t.me/sentigraphICO