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A Chemical Reaction

When my calculations do not yield fruition.

Photo by Chromatograph on Unsplash

These vials run for miles
down the lane of memories.
With each, an experimentation:
accidental collisions
of molecular stories—against all wonders
and the walls.

Energy never dissipates—
it only passes on.
The heat is in the air:
who knew how much we’d care
for this random meeting—spontaneous, at best.
The irreversible mistakes
now clamoring at the wake.

A chemical reaction—
though my heedful calculations
could never yield fruition.
And so I walk for miles more
with serendipity.

©2022 A.X. Bates

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A.X. Bates

A.X. Bates

Words can make a difference. Theatre student writing poems about life, society, and coffee. @axybates on Instagram and Twitter.