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These Daisies

The hearts will carry on, and the flowers will continue to grow.

Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Daisies, lining up the gown:
here to welcome all the frowns.
Strings will sting the parting hearts—
and numb the wailing
of the nightingales.

The flowers’ sacrifice—too nice
for the swords of greed and spite.
A glimmer still persists within
all the slits and rain—
decay is nature’s restoration—
though soon be lost in vain.

the rows of roses, freshly chosen:
they must die for love?
And daisies: for the longing solace,
seeking those above.

Beating hearts will carry
and live on.
These new flowers—they will grow—
just as lively
as the ones before.

©2022 A.X. Bates

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A.X. Bates

A.X. Bates

Words can make a difference. Theatre student writing poems about life, society, and coffee. @axybates on Instagram and Twitter.