Mar 10, 2017 · 2 min read

We like satellite images! We think they are really stunning and give all of us better perspective on how our big blue planet looks like. So far, you could already enjoy the amazing impressions offered through our services. But, by adding a new functionality to Sentinel Playground, the variety of the generated images practically takes us through a virtual art gallery.

The new feature, which enables you to create even more artistic images, was inspired by Map Twitter user a few weeks ago.

The following images were taken by a satellite miles above the Earth. It is beautiful and a kind of geographical wonder, created with Sentinel Playground and spiced with artistic effects powered by Deepart.

The Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania

The Eye of the Sahara looks like a bullseye from above. Located in the Sahara Desert, it is a dome-shaped rock structure about 50 km across.

The great blue hole, Belize

This underwater sinkhole is 320 m wide and 125 m deep, and a major scuba diving attraction.

Danxia landforms, China

The Danxia landforms, found in China’s Gansu Province, are made of strips of red sandstone that were deposited over millions of years, like slices of a layered cake.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

An interesting thing about this location is that the hoodoos were formed when water repeatedly froze and melted in the vertical cracks of sedimentary rocks. Some hoodoos are taller than a 10-storey building.

Gosaba River, Bay of Bengal

A broad estuary of Gosaba River into the Bay of Bengal makes beautiful and artistic impression with one of the effects.

Create your own art! Choose a desirable location in Sentinel Playground and press the “Generate” button. Follow the process with choosing the “Artistic Effects” button, and the magic appears (it takes a while to spin the neural network behind Deepart, so be patient).

We are looking forward to see lots of Twitter images. Don’t forget to share them with us as well (@sentinel_hub).

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Sentinel Hub Blog

Stories from the next generation satellite imagery platform


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Sentinel Hub Blog

Stories from the next generation satellite imagery platform

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