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How to Make the Perfect Time-Lapse of the Earth

A detailed guide covering various examples on making animations from satellite imagery

Agriculture fields of the southern Limpopo region, South Africa (source).
Simple graph, simple message: more dogs == more awesome.

101: Fast and Cheap

EO Browser time-lapse user interface (link).
Construction of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge in Montreal (source).

201: Removing the clouds

EOTask for downloading satellite data from Sentinel Hub in eo-learn.
Code snippet for creating a high-quality timelapse.
Same time-lapse as above, but obtained with cloud masks from the service.

301: The Bothersome Wiggle

A time lapse of the world’s tallest solar tower in Ashalim, Israel (source) before (left) and after (right) image alignment.
And similarly for the first time-lapse.

401: #flex on Twitter

All the available data for the selected area, including clouds. The black parts represent areas outside of the satellite image acquisition range on invalid data due to some other reasons.
A visual representation of temporal interpolation. The vertical axis represent the passage of time and the missing parts on the left represent invalid data, such as clouds. The result is the gap-free temporal data stack on the right.
Time-lapse of the Okawango delta after cleaning out the clouds using linear temporal interpolation.

501: Divide and conquer

Piece of gdal software used to export and merge a bunch of .tiff files and import them back as eopatches.
Same time-lapse as above, obtained with the split approach at a higher resolution. A temporal moving average (MA) filter was applied to smooth out high-frequency changes.

502: Batch processing

Code snippet for creating re-projected single-timestamp RGB .tiff files from multi-timestamp single-band .tiff files.
Yearly true-color timelapse of Madagascar for 2019.
Yearly true-color timelapse of Africa for 2019.
Yearly true-color timelapse of the world for 2019.

Eye candy

Yearly true color time-lapse of the world, using 2019 Sentinel-2 L2A data and the Blue Marble image as a static background on excluded areas.
Code based on the excellent tutorial from J. Castillo (source).



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