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Glacier Grey, Chile, from the Snow and Glaciers theme. Image acquired on 08.05.2019. Modified Tonemapped Natural Color Script by Gregory Ivanov, processed by Sentinel Hub. 🌐

New Themes, Multi-Temporal Scripting and Other Improvements in EO Browser

1. Education Mode

Grasberg’s Open Pit, Indonesia; one of the Geology theme pins. 🌐
Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland (Tonemapped Natural Color Script by Gregory Ivanov), from the Snow and Glaciers theme (left 🌐). Agriculture in Saudi Arabia (moisture index) from the Agriculture theme (right 🌐)
Sundarbans vegetation in India (Sentinel-3 OTCI) from the Vegetation and Forestry theme (left🌐). Algae blooms of Donn river, Russia (Ulyssys script) from the Ocean and Water Bodies theme (right🌐)
Richat structure, Mauritania from the Geology theme (left🌐). Baltimore city, USA (Green City Script) from the Urban theme (right🌐)
The 2017 Croatia wildfires (Wildfires Script) from the Wildfires theme (left🌐). Etna volcano (IR Highlights script) from the Volcanoes theme (right🌐).

2. Advanced Control of Time Intervals

Two overlapping orbits covering Northern Africa (left 🌐). Only one orbit covering Northern Africa selected using the new Advanced control of time intervals feature (right 🌐). Custom script by Jérôme Louis.

3. Multitemporal Scripting

Agriculture in Saudi Arabia with Harel Dan’s multitemporal NDVI script, processed by Sentinel Hub. 🌐

4. Better Timelapse Filters

Weekly carbon monoxide emissions over Togo, Benin, and Ghana from April 2019 to March 2020 with Sentinel-5P. 🌐
Daily carbon monoxide emissions over Togo, Benin and Ghana in November to February months of both 2018 and 2019/2020 with Sentinel-5P. 🌐

5. Borders in Timelapse

Luxembourg vegetation changes with the Barren soil script from April to September 2018, displaying the drought in August. 🌐

6. Statistical Analysis for More Datasets

Landsat 8 NDVI values in march (left🌐) and august (right🌐), Italy. Processed by Sentinel Hub.
Statistical information displaying Landsat 8 NDVI changes over the year for the chosen point.

7. Layer Descriptions Set Up

Descriptions, legends, and references for the NDVI, Moisture Index and S3 OTCI layers in EO Browser.

8. Sentinel-3 SLSTR Band Info Added

Sentinel-3 SLSTR custom Reflectance bands. 🌐

9. MODIS Visualizations Added

MODIS NDWI of the Sundarbans area, India. Image acquired on 26.2.2020, processed by Sentinel Hub. 🌐

10. More…




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