Sentinel Hub being presented to the EO professionals

Lately, some of our team members were busy presenting Sentinel Hub at Earth Observation (EO) events in Europe and Africa. They did a splendid job and we decided to share some of the highlights.

Copernicus for Cultural Heritage

Copernicus for Cultural Heritage, April 24, 2017, Brussels

April 24, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

This Copernicus User Forum Industry Workshop assessed the potential of Copernicus in support of Cultural Heritage preservation and management, and provided inputs for further research and/or operational implementation. Its aim was to identify the main requirements for space-based applications related to preservation and management of cultural heritage assets in Europe and Worldwide. Read more about the event.

Sentinel Hub and Sentinel Hub presented by Grega Milčinski, CEO of Sinergise (Photo: De Ribaucourt Photography)

The 37th International Symposium on Remote Sensing Environment

May 8–12, 2017, Tshwane, South Africa

The theme of this year’s symposium was “Earth Observation for Development and Adaptation to a Changing World”. It coincided with the implementation of the recently adopted African Space Policy and Strategy, as well as rapid development in African space science and technology programmes. ISRSE is widely acknowledged to be one of the most significant gatherings of the international remote sensing community, and attracts senior staff of space agencies and international EO programmes. It provides a global overview of advances in EO and consequential societal benefits. ISRSE 2017 was hosted by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

Open Data INcubator Europe, final review

May 9, 2017 Madrid, Spain

Our Sentinel Hub was incubated in Open Data INcubator Europe (ODINE) for the last 6 months. ODINE promotes wider use of open data by providing support for digital business working with such data. It was an intense, engaging and successful period for us and we felt both grateful and confident before the final presentation. We got useful feedback about our progress so far and some guidelines for future business development. We passed the “exam” successfully. Thank you, ODINE.

EODC Forum 2017

May 9–10, 2017, Vienna, Austria

The EODC Forum 2017 in Vienna gathered people from the industry, academia, local, national and international agencies to discuss topics related to Earth Observation. Its aim was to provide an insight into the status of current EO development across Europe and encourage collaboration between current and future EODC partners. Sinergise works closely with Geoville, one of EODC founders, on the H2020 EO-VAS project. We were invited to the Forum to present Sentinel Hub, our vision of future on-demand EO services.

Over 95 participants from 49 organisations spanning 11 different countries attended the EODC Forum 2017.

EO Science for Society at ESA, ESRIN

May 12, 2017, ESA, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

We attended the EO Science for society info day at ESA, ESRIN. The seminar highlighted scientific excellence, pioneering new EO applications, stimulating downstream industry growth, and supporting international responses to global societal challenges. Click here for more information.

Amazon Academy — Europe’s next generation of innovation

May 16, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

This years’ Academy had a strong scientific focus on “Europe’s next generation of innovation: How to enable individual scientists and researchers.” Sentinel Hub was presented by Grega Milčinski, CEO of Sinergise, joining a selected group of speakers. The panel was lead lead by Ralf Herbrich, Amazon’s Director of Machine Learning Science, who also gave the keynote speech on how Europe can lead innovation in sectors like the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Read more here.

Panelists (from left): Ralf Herbrich, Michela Magas, Grega Milčinski, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Maryline Fiaschi, Magnus Franklin (Photo: Amazon)

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