Sentinel Hub Free Accounts within ESA Business Applications

Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Are you having a great start-up idea, but you struggle with the massive amount of Earth Observation (EO) data? Enhance your business solutions, use free data provided by Sentinel Hub, use ESA Business Applications’ support, and scale your solution to unimaginable.

It’s a fact! People and companies can’t cope with the data they have today, and there is no difference when we talk about the EO data which grows on a daily basis. There is now more remote sensing data available than ever before, and lots of it is free. Copernicus even made it possible to build business models on free data, but the remote sensing experts are still spending more time on getting the data than on the possibilities how to use it.

Sentinel Hub has solved the problem of handling the massive amount of EO data available, and made it easier to build EO applications. With a simple and efficient way of archiving, processing and distributing satellite data using standard web services that can be easily integrated in any desktop, web or mobile mapping application, we are offering a possibility to turn your focus into successful business solutions.

“Sentinel and Landsat satellites are providing weekly insight into each and every part of the world, which is somehow magical, not just from the beauty point of view, but also for new business opportunities.”

Free Opportunity for Start-ups

For many start-ups, which do not have significant funding, any external costs are difficult to comprehend, so they sacrifice their man-power to try to build things from scratch. However, this is even more expensive as they waste time building things, that are already existing instead of focusing on their contribution and scale their solutions.

To open the doors and contribute to a start-up capital we have partnered with ESA Business Applications to help start-ups, and offer 1 year free and easy access to a wide range of EO data.

To learn more, watch the webinar from 23 November:

Free Accounts for R&D Projects

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A similar opportunity is still available to researchers and scientists, who can get free accounts for Sentinel Hub services. The Open Call from European Space Agency (ESA) is providing 100 free accounts for R&D projects to OGC EO Interface Integration Service. It facilitates the access to free online optical data and allows their dynamic integration into higher level services. Read one of our previous posts for more information!

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