Sentinel Hub Joining Forces with Partners to Become European Data Cube Service

The ultimate EO resource for researchers and value-adders

Sabina Dolenc
Jul 10, 2019 · 3 min read

The European Space Agency (ESA) has initiated a European Data Cube Facility Service project to enable millions of people around the world getting Earth Observation (EO) and non-EO data in a convenient manner. In order to reach this goal, Sinergise and consortium partners will integrate and expand existing services to establish the one service for all kinds of processing.

In the next 3 years the European Data Cube project will focus on operational service, driven by users’ needs. It will unite with other similar initiatives worldwide and contribute to the OGC standardization activities.

Leveraging the team experience combining Sinergise, Brockmann Consult, EOX IT Services, Gisat and Planet, the service will offer the best possible access to open as well as commercial data stored on various cloud providers. Beside enabling information layer publishing, on-demand mapping and cross-mission analysis, the service will support various thematic use cases, becoming also the engine of the ESA Earth System Data Lab, Thematic Exploitation Platforms and other large scale EO applications.

Data Cube Facility Service High-Level Architecture

The DCFS is being built upon several already operational, state-of-the art solutions:

  • on-the-fly data cube access service Sentinel Hub
  • mass processing Sentinel Hub services with asynchronous response
  • versatile pre-generated data cubes (XCube), based on xarray like the CEOS Open Data Cube, Pangeo, and other leading data cube initiatives.
The European Data Cube Facility Service high-level architecture.

Users will be able to choose among subscription packages (monthly/annual) and pay-per-use for a basic usage, as well as various advanced options (including customization to user needs).

Bring Your Own Data

One of the first steps of the project is complete. Sentinel Hub’s functionality, Bring Your Own Data, which is useful for satellite imagery, aerial imagery, machine learning results and any other raster data is already available. Users are able to exploit the full power of the Sentinel Hub service while accessing their own data on their S3 buckets.

The beauty of this functionality is that the control over the data stays in users’ hands and that no replication is needed. It offers users the possibility to apply their own custom algorithms and data transformations by simply using the Sentinel Hub API.

Seamlessly integrate your data from your S3 bucket into the Sentinel Hub.

To get more information about the Sentinel Hub’s future development we recommend reading one of our previous blog posts by our CEO, Grega Milčinski, Becoming a Data Driver in the Cloud for Earth Observation. Or, if you would like to help us create Sentinel Hub’s future yourself, you are welcome to join our team. We are hiring!

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Stories from the next generation satellite imagery platform

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