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Sabina Dolenc
Apr 1 · 3 min read

GEO and AWS Partnership

In December 2018 Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced partnership to offer GEO member states and research organizations from developing countries free access to cloud services and resources to help with hosting, processing and analysis of big Earth observation (EO) data for sustainable development.

Easier Access to Copernicus and Landsat Data

Here at Sinergise we decided to join the effort and help the GEO community make their remote sensing journey easier and faster. By offering use of Sentinel Hub services to all participants of the GEO-Amazon Programme we are opening the doors to an indispensable resource unifying the access to Copernicus and Landsat data.

Empowering Users to Build EO Applications for Sustainable Development

Satellite data is valuable only when consumed, and is most beneficial when used to monitor the planet for better management of our environment and resources.

Circle Crop Fields west of Britania, Brasil (Sentinel-2 data acquired on March 12, 2019). Visualisation in NDVI — left, chart with filtered cloudy data — right. You can freely explore it further in EO Browser.

How to Secure the Credits

The credits supported by Sinergise will be distributed by GEO to participants of the GEO-Amazon EO Cloud Credits Programme. Eligible agencies and research organizations from GEO Members categorized as Developing Countries by the UN Development Programme can apply for AWS cloud credits for non-commercial projects.

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