Sentinel Hub used within Geo-wiki

After several internal-use applications integrated with Sentinel Hub service, we are happy to see first publicly accessible one — Geo-Wiki, crowd-sourcing project for environmental monitoring.

Comparison between Bing images and updated Sentinel-2 images.

The task was clear, Geo-Wiki is based on Google/Bing imagery but they needed recent, updated images as well, so they contacted us. As the application is based on OpenLayers, integration was literally adding 5 lines of code (based on WMTS example).

Geo-wiki’s contributors can now use latest imagery to identify land-use.

Google Maps image (left) with Sentinel-2 image (right)

About Geo-wiki

Geo-wiki is a platform for engaging citizens in environmental monitoring. It aids in both the validation of existing geographical information and the collection of new geographical information through crowdsourcing. It provides feedback on existing information overlaid on satellite imagery or by contributing entirely new data. Data can be input via the traditional desktop platform or mobile devices, with campaigns and games used to incentivize input. Resulting data are available without restriction.

You can participate in ongoing projects and join the citizen science movement to help address global land cover issues. Visit

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