Sentinel Playground goes open-source

Sep 28, 2016 · 2 min read
Sentinel on GitHub

We truly believe that Sentinel-2 data are of great value. We have created Sentinel Hub OGC services to increase uptake of these data, to make it easier and more cost efficient for end-users and developers to use it. We are now going one step forward. We are releasing Sentinel Playground application under open-source license in order to ease the integration of Sentinel WMS services in end-user applications.

We’ve built Playground on different Javascript technologies. Our latest version of the application is written in React and is available here:

Sentinel Playground on GitHub

For those, who favour jQuery framework, the old version of the app, will be also soon published to GitHub, so stay in touch, follow us on Twitter!

It is now even easier to develop an app based on Sentinel-2 data. One simply takes the application, inserts Sentinel Hub credentials (send us an e-mail for test account) and modifies the app to fit him best. The application itself is based on OGC standard web services so it can be used with other sources as well, not just with Sentinel Hub…
We are most enthusiastic to see what kind of use-cases will be addressed with it. If you do something fun, we would be most happy if you could inform us about it.

To find out more about Sentinel Playground, read more here.

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