Letter from the CEO to the Sentinel Protocol Community

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Dear Sentinel Protocol supporters,

There is always something I often love to say. ‘Real technology makes people happy.

With over 15 years of making the latest technologies accessible to global companies, government agencies and customers, the pride and joy I derive from delivering great technology that empowers people has brought me to where we are today.

With blockchain technology, a decentralized society without borders has been created. People are creating a wonderful ecosystem to organically help each other in a society without borders. I thought it was a great innovation to match the ideal of technology that makes people happy.

But the only concern is the lack of responsibility within a decentralized society. The responsibility given to the freedom of decentralization is eventually taken up by an individual. These individuals include our family and friends among ourselves. Those whom we love so much unfortunately do not have much experience in this responsibility.

Security is not perfect. Even with expertise, the life of security professionals in every field is like a constant battle against invisible enemies. It is not easy to take on the responsibilities of your organization until you are diligently and tirelessly working — at the expense of your personal life — to defend against cyber attacks from the unseen.

In a decentralized world, such responsibilities are imposed upon family and friends. Without the proper cybersecurity expertise, how can these individuals bear those responsibilities? Is it even fair to ask them to do so? If you think this is concerning, how about we gather together to shoulder these responsibilities on behalf of our loved ones?

We are creating technology that makes people dear to all of us happier and safer.

We need your help to do that. Using blockchain technology to defend against hacks and fraud is a global effort — only with your help can our objective be achieved.

There have been a lot of breathless moments over the past six months. Both good and bad things have happened. But they all are opportunities to learn. The problems we need to solve are now very clear and apparent.

Among the most difficult and painful problems, we believe ICO-related hacking incidents and fraudulent activities are the most urgent ones. Therefore, in our next phase, the following services will be introduced as the first use case of the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB).

The first TRDB use case — Total ICO Protection Solution by Sentinel Protocol

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On June 27, Sentinel Portal will be pre-released to the previously selected Pre-Sentinels Cybersecurity Experts. They will be collecting and verifying incident information through the Sentinel Portal.

In July, the Pre-Sentinels will work directly on the TRDB as well as S-Wallet Lite to check the stability and performance of Sentinel Portal, TRDB and S-Wallet Lite while all three are linked together. S-Wallet Lite is a new product line we are launching before we integrate Machine Learning technology. It will be a lightweight security solution for ICO investors to prevent scams based on our TRDB.

In August, the Sentinel Portal and S-Wallet Lite linked with the TRDB will be available to all of you.

ICO-related hacks and fraud information from around the world will be reported in real-time through the Sentinel Portal and analyzed instantly by the Sentinels. The information will be recorded in the TRDB. All information in the TRDB will simultaneously be provided to all services linked through its API. The S-wallet Lite version is a one-click solution that all ICO participants and organizers worldwide can use to report and check against phishing, scams and potential hacks. You will be able to protect yourself better and to minimize damage when participating in ICOs.

“We will continue to research and develop new features for community protection using blockchain.”

Having done an ICO ourselves while dealing with scams, our great advantage is that we can listen to the needs of the market and our community, so we can respond to them promptly. We will continue to research and develop new features in the next phases for community protection using blockchain. I hope that our moves contribute to the fact that blockchain is a real technology that makes people happy.


Patrick Kim

CEO and Founder of Sentinel Protocol

June 25, 2018

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