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Uppsala Security, active provider of a Virtual Asset Crime Tracking/ Investigation Methodology Training

Singapore, July 1st 2021 — Uppsala Security, the leading provider of award-winning tools for Crypto Risk Management and Cybersecurity announced today the completion of a training addressed to companies and government agencies on virtual asset financial crime status, tracking and investigation methodology which took place between June 23rd— June 25th, 2021. The three days event was part of the NSHC’s 9th Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) monitoring technology security expert training course.

The education program provided by Uppsala Security consisted of:

  • Cryptocurrency fraud crimes status;
  • Actual cases of cryptocurrency fraud;
  • Cryptocurrency fund tracking process;
  • Cryptocurrency fraud crime investigation methodology.

The Uppsala Security training session was held as a part of NSHC’s OSINT training course. In this OSINT training, NSHC taught confidential information that might be a threat to governments, businesses and individuals as well as solutions on how to respond to the threats coming from the Deep Web/Dark Web, monitor information, and minimize the damage to the already exposed information. The training courses consisted of:

  • Understanding OSINT;
  • Personal data retrieval (SOCMINT);
  • Black market and Deep Web monitoring methods;
  • Maltego tool utilization methods;
  • Development of surveillance tools (HUMINT) applicable to social networks;
  • IoT scanning development using Shodan and Censys APIs;
  • The types of target attacks with Yara Script;
  • Detection of APT attacks over OSINT.

Uppsala Security is a blockchain security company that has been providing virtual asset Anti-Money Laundering (AML) working-level training to customers and government regulators since April, 2021. Both Uppsala Security and NSHC plan to continue their Solution/Education/Business cooperation in areas related to security and virtual assets in the future.

Patrick Kim, CEO of Uppsala Security, said, “Last year, the total transactions of Bitcoin accounts related to Dark Web crime amounted to about 3.5 billion USD (about 4 trillion won). The proportion of cryptocurrency used in illegal trade and illegal fundraising through black trading on the Dark Web can no longer be ignored.” he said. “It is crucial to know how to track cryptocurrency transactions related to the Deep Web and Dark Web. The cryptocurrency market is rapidly growing, and as a result, losses on cryptocurrency theft and fraud are also increasing. The fact that NSHC’s OSINT curriculum, a representative information security field, included crime status and investigation methodology related to cryptocurrency means that cryptocurrency tracking has also been recognized as mainstream important in the security field.

Uppsala Security is headquartered in Singapore and has branch offices in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. Follow Uppsala Security on Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium.



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