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Singapore, December 20th 2022 — Uppsala Security, a state-of-the-art provider of award-winning security tools and services for Crypto AML/CTF, Transaction Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Transaction Tracking, and Cyber Security announced today the launch of ChainKeeper — an all-rounder platform for Web3 security, transaction tracking and reporting.

ChainKeeper was created by Uppsala Security in order to support early adopters of innovative decentralized solutions in need of security, risk assessment and transaction tracking. The platform will enable its users to check with just one search the legitimacy of wallet addresses, NFTs and URLs.

2022, especially considering the Terra/LUNA and FTX/Alameda events, was a year that reiterated the importance of decentralized and trustless solutions. Since its early stages, Uppsala Security aimed to create cybersecurity solutions that would prevent, protect and support victims of scams, fraud or hacks. There was never a better time for users to take over the custody of their assets — but this comes with a high responsibility. Here is where ChainKeeper comes into play.

ChainKeeper now provides users with the possibility of checking the authenticity of URLs, wallets addresses and NFTs as well as enabling them the access to the Sentinel Portal and Reporting feature.

The backbone of ChainKeeper is the Threat Reputation Database, a crowdsourced Threat Intelligence data hub which currently has over 75 Million Threat indicators submitted.

Currently, the ChainKeeper platform finds itself in Phase 1 of development. Uppsala Security has planned to transition the platform in the following months to versions that would focus even more on the community as well as additional features that would increase its efficiency and UI/UX.

Web3 is a work in progress and everyone has to do their part. Our main mission at Uppsala Security is to provide safety solutions for the decentralized space. The launch of ChainKeeper comes as a response to real threats aimed at early adopters of innovative solutions. There is nothing that fulfills us more than knowing that, with just one search, worldwide users now have free access to security, transaction tracking and reporting solutions.” said Patrick Kim, Founder & CEO of Uppsala Security.

About ChainKeeper

ChainKeeper is your go-to platform for checking if URLs, wallet addresses or NFTs built on your favorite blockchain network are connected to hacks, scams or fraud. In addition, the platform offers users the ability to report any incidents that resulted in the loss of digital assets as well as tracking the activity of malicious actors.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, follow ChainKeeper’s Twitter and Discord accounts.

About Uppsala Security

Uppsala Security built Sentinel Protocol, the first crowdsourced Threat Intelligence Platform powered by artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and machine learning. Supporting the framework is a team of experienced cyber security professionals who have developed an award-winning suite of advanced tools and services for Crypto AML/CFT, Transaction Risk Management (KYC/KYT), Transaction Tracking, Regulatory Compliance, and Cybersecurity enabling organizations of every type and size to protect their crypto assets from malicious attacks and scams while meeting stringent regulatory compliance standards.

Uppsala Security is headquartered in Singapore, and has branch offices in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan. You can follow Uppsala Security on Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium.



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