Automated Node Health Checks are now Live and Integrated

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4 min readDec 7, 2023


In a major update, ‘Automated Node Health Checks’ are now live and fully integrated into the primary on-chain subscription plan.

To learn about dVPN’s custom on-chain subscription plan structure please read:

This means that dVPN nodes hosted by members of the Sentinel ecosystem are verified in terms of their ability to pass a basic connection test before they are added into on-chain subscription plans, which makes these verified nodes available on dVPN applications for users to connect to.

This update has a significant impact on three core areas:

  1. In-app user experience — Only nodes that are proven to work properly are available in applications
  2. Node earnings automation — Payments to dVPN nodes hosts become completely automated upon passing the health check
  3. Connectivity error diagnosis — Nodes that have passed the health check and do not work in-applications help devs to isolate application specific errors

Try out Bagimsiz Free dVPN which has integrated the subscription plan that the ‘Node Health Check’ has now been configured for. All of the nodes that you see on this application are nodes that have been verified by the health check.

Currently BasedVPN, SolarVPN and Bagimsiz VPN’s subscription plan are all integrated with the node health check.

All nodes shown have passed the health check

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What is an ‘Automated Node Health Check’?

Anyone can host a node, but how is the dVPN protocol supposed to know if the node actually allows a user to connect to the internet or not? It is not possible for the blockchain itself to automatically gauge the health of a node and test its connectivity.

11/30/2013–1st Node Health Check Results

Total Nodes connected to: 3200
Nodes with Endpoint Success: 3179
Nodes Failing Endpoint Error: 21
Nodes with Config Exchange Success: 2756
Nodes Failing Config Exchange: 205
Nodes with Network Success: 2096
Nodes with Network Error: 660

Nodes that passed the first health check: 65.5%

Example of a ‘Node Health Check’ transaction

The ‘Automated Node Health Check’ is a simple system where multiple servers connect to dVPN nodes hosted on the Sentinel ecosystem and verify the connectivity of each dVPN node. With the current health check structure in place, over 3000 nodes can be checked within 30 minutes, allowing for multiple checks to take place within the same day if required.

Over 3000 nodes globally.

With the ‘Node Health Check’ system in place, we will see a sharp increase in user connectivity experience. Nearly 30% of the nodes previously had misconfigurations or errors that prevented users from connecting to them. Now with every node available in-app fully verified, user connectivity issue will only exist if the application itself has an internal error.

How will I know if my node passed the health check?

Currently node hosts will have to check the dVPN Node Hosting telegram group at to find the most recent health check data.

Within the following weeks, node hosts will be able to use a browser-based ‘Node Dashboard’ to see in real-time whether their node has passed the latest health check or not.

Design preview of upcoming node dashboard

Automation of Node Rewards

If your node passes the health check, it will automatically be added to an active on-chain subscription plan which will pay $7.5/month in dVPN node earnings.

This subscription plan structure completely replaces the manual node incentive structure and creates a completely merit based system where a node earns income after it proves its ability for seamless connectivity.

dVPN Nodes incentives will be paid out for active nodes in the months of October and November.

What happens if my nodes fails the health check?

Node hosts should not be concerned if their node fails the health check as their node will be added into an active subscription plan as soon as it passes a periodic health check. If a host experiences failure then they are welcome to engage the community for help in the Discord/Telegram channels or verify their implementation approach by reviewing the docs.

What is coming up next?

With the completion of the on-chain subscription plan contract, node health check, stats and node dashboard utilities, the focus will now ultimately shift towards user acquisition.

The node economy can now function seamlessly with nodes being paid through the on-chain subscription plan, and developers can now easily build dVPN applications ontop of Sentinel with the ability to integrate their application into the subscription plan.

There will be a strong drive now to increase user count and corresponding advertisement revenues starting now. Expect to a strong increase in on-chain usage statistics.




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