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Sentinel Validator powering cosmoshub-1 as visualized on BigDipper

The Cosmos Network is now live and so is the Sentinel Validator powering the Cosmos Hub!

After years of diligent development, audits and multiple testnets, the Cosmos Network is now live, with over 93 validators online (at the time of writing) and actively validating transactions and producing blocks at this point in time. These validators have been delegated (tokens that are bonded) over 48% of all ATOMs in circulation (at the time of writing) showing active network participation in the Cosmos governance consensus. The launch of the Cosmos Network with the Cosmos Hub, marks the beginning of a new age of decentralized networks.

These decentralized networks not only facilitate inter-chain communication (IBC) but also enable cross communication between multi-chain networks therefore achieving true cross-protocol interoperability.

Sentinel, being among the first few active Validators in the Cosmos Ecosystem, has supported the Cosmos Network since the time of Cosmos Gaia TestNets and is also a winner in the ‘Uptime Category’ of Cosmos GOS (Game of Stakes). Sentinel now runs a Validator powering the Cosmos Hub Mainnet, which can be viewed on any of the Comsos Hub Explorers: Big Dipper, Hubble, Star Gazer, MintScan &

Delegate to the Sentinel Validator on Cosmos Hub

(Non-ATOM holders can skip this, and read on to understand how Sentinel is contributing to the ecosystem at large)

You can delegate/bond to the Sentinel Validator in the Cosmos Hub using the below mentioned operator address.


Sentinel dVPN is currently on the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet as well as on the Sentinel Tendermint Testnet (v1.1)

Sentinel’s communication/connectivity-centric dApps are fully designed to use Tendermint’s governance structure to ensure trustworthy validation of p2p resource exchange.

Sentinel aims to migrate all of its existing userbase from the ETH testnet to its Tendermint mainnet, immediately enforcing the transition for tens of thousands of users. With the presence of e-Money and other fiat to crypto payment gateway systems active on the Cosmos network, Sentinel will be able to bridge the gap existing in the dApp ecosystem today which is the ‘inability to establish payment structures with the general retail consumer’.

Sentinel is already one of the few active and successful prototype dApps in existence and soon it will be fully monetized by the Service Providers (node hosts) and paid for by users. — Sentinel dVPN network averages around 150–200 GB of consumption every day and already exchanged over 45TB in less than a year of launching the Sentinel dVPN on desktop & mobile

Below are statistics of the free Android VPN app — Sentinel Free VPN on Google Play.

Statistics as of March 31st 2019 — Total Installs crossed 20K with Iran being the country and UAE being the region with the most installs

The Sentinel Free VPN application on Google Play is now the most installed dVPN App on Android. Also, Sentinel has released fully functional native apps for Desktop — Linux, Mac and Windows (links to downloads on the Sentinel website) with all the code being open source on the official Sentinel GitHub Repository.

Contribution to the Cosmos Network and the wider FOSS/open source community

Sentinel dVPN & dChat

Sentinel has been building on Tendermint/Cosmos SDK for over a year now and its development has generated meaningful intellectual property such as payments that involve locking tokens thereby enabling a pre-paid payment mechanism which is very helpful in preventing spam during the exchange of distributed resources on the network. Sentinel, with this pre-paid locking mechanism that successfully delivers this exchange of resources has started off with the exchange of bandwidth in the Sentinel dVPN application. A preview of Sentrix (Decentralized Chat / ‘dChat’) developed on the Sentinel network has also been released on the official Sentinel YouTube Channel.

Network Security Suite (NSS)

Along with the above, Sentinel plans to develop and release Sentinel Network Security Suite (Sentinel NSS) that provides the tools and the convenience of a single app to secure any device. Again, all packages used and code developed for that will be open source and available in the Sentinel GitHub Repository for people to check, inspect and audit. More information about these releases will be shared via the official Sentinel communication platforms — Medium, Twitter & Telegram

Although Sentinel services are available to anyone and everyone worldwide, Sentinel is currently focused on developing these tools so that the Cosmos Network and the entire ecosystem of digital asset and blockchain enthusiasts are able to secure themselves. Be it with the Sentinel dVPN, dChat (Sentrix) or NSS, Sentinel enables secure connections and communications, allowing users to achieve unparalleled levels of privacy and security.

With this in mind, we invite ATOM holders to delegate/bond their tokens to the Sentinel Validator powering the Comos Hub. Please feel free to join the community and reach out with any questions you might have.

You can delegate/bond to the Sentinel Validator in the Cosmos Hub using the below mentioned operator address.


Join our Community!

About Sentinel Network

Sentinel Network is a network layer that enables a true p2p and decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create Public and Private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized, and also payment method agnostic (pre-paid/escrow/post-paid) services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network.

Sentinel utilizes locking, staking and multi-sig directly from Tendermint core and Cosmos SDK and aims to fully eliminate the disadvantages of previous generation protocols, that couldn’t scale due to limitations of the blockchain they share with other dApps or that have an unsustainable economic model that reduces usability or access to the product they offer.

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An interoperable networking layer for distributed services. Developed decentralized VPN as first use case. Learn more at


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Interoperable Network Layer for Distributed Resources & Services/dApps. Our #dVPN is the first dApp to utilize our Bandwidth Incentivization Protocol - $SENT



An interoperable networking layer for distributed services. Developed decentralized VPN as first use case. Learn more at

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