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New Sentinel dVPN Apps now available on Android

The recent release of Sentinel’s dVPN Lite for Android is now available on the Google Play Store. This establishes Sentinel as the first cross-platform, blockchain-based decentralized VPN solution on the market.

Two Types of Android Applications

On July 26, 2018, Google updated its Play Store developer policies to ban cryptocurrency mining on all Android devices. The Sentinel team is unsure if the ban can extend to applications that utilize tokens like $SENT or cryptocurrency wallets in the future.

To address this problem, the Sentinel development team decided to build out two unique Sentinel Android dVPN Apps:

The Sentinel dVPN Lite was designed to be easily used by the average consumer looking for a VPN alternative without the knowledge of cryptocurrency, whilst staying compliant with Google’s new developer policies. Sentinel dVPN, on the other hand, offers fast speeds and advanced features meant for the crypto community.

Sentinel dVPN Lite offers user-friendly and free access to the Sentinel decentralized VPN Network without any cryptocurrency knowledge. Sentinel VPN offers faster speeds and advanced security configuration options with ERC20 token support.

IMPORTANT: Both the dVPN Lite and the dVPN are still in alpha stages of development, and thus users may experience bugs and crashes. Furthermore, we will need users to report crashes to help the development team identify and implement a fix surrounding the issues at hand.

Sentinel dVPN Lite

The Sentinel dVPN Lite client is a decentralized VPN application for Android devices that have FREE access to the Sentinel dVPN Network. Being free, however, the client does not feature the Sentinel Ethereum Rinkeby TestNet Wallets used to pay for dVPN transactions.

The key features of the dVPN Lite include:

  1. The current version (v0.1.6) is FREE to establish a secure connection with available Exit Nodes on the Sentinel dVPN Network
  2. The ability to configure limitations in terms of bandwidth usage parameters (since users do not pay for the bandwidth consumed).
  3. A referral code to allow users to participate in the upcoming Sentinel Utility Drop #2.
  4. A seamless user experience without the knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrency.
  5. The application can be directly downloaded and updated from the Google Play Store.

NOTE: Russian will be added to the list of supported langauges in the upcoming update.

The Sentinel dVPN Lite Interaction Process.

We can illustrate the process of interacting with the dVPN Lite (v0.1.6) by following the steps below:

  1. The user browses through a list of available VPN Exit Nodes that they can connect to.
  2. The User taps ‘Connect’ to establish a connection to the selected node and utilize the secure and provable Sentinel dVPN Network.
  3. Once the user taps ‘Disconnect,’ the application terminates the connection and ends the session.

In the future, tapping ‘Connect’ when already connected should disconnect the previously connected node and establish a new connection to the newly requested node.

The code for the Sentinel dVPN Lite is available on GitHub. The version control system automatically checks for the latest version on the Google Play Store and updates the app via Google Play Services.

Feel free to take a look at the code:

IMPORTANT: Anonymized user behavior data (NOT user browsing data) will be tracked on the Sentinel dVPN Lite to improve Sentinel as a product. Users concerned about sharing such data can download the Sentinel dVPN directly from the releases page on GitHub.

Sentinel dVPN

The Sentinel dVPN is a fully-featured decentralized VPN application for Android available to download on GitHub. Built to be used by the crypto community, the app includes Sentinel Ethereum Rinkeby TestNet Wallets used to pay for faster bandwidth speeds.

The key features of Sentinel dVPN include:

  1. Integration with both ERC20 and ERC20 Rinkeby TestNet Wallet.
  2. Ability to view and choose nodes based on the location, payment, latency, and connection speed.
  3. Access to community hosted Exit Nodes that route user traffic via OpenVPN networking protocol.

The download link, as well as the code for the Sentinel dVPN, is available on GitHub. To download the current version of the Sentinel dVPN, please follow the URL below:

At the moment, the dVPN app accepts TestSENT and will switch over to accept SENT once the project goes live on the MainNet. The dVPN Lite, however, may not be offered a wallet at all in its future updates.

Promoting the Sentinel Ecosystem

With the release of the Sentinel dVPN Lite app on the Google Play Store, Sentinel now has the means to reach Android users looking for a VPN alternative. With this opportunity, Sentinel plans to market its ecosystem by featuring Exit Nodes offering historical high-quality service and promoting other projects (crypto and non-crypto) that add value to the Sentinel Network.

The revenue generated from these promotions will then be distributed to the community nodes that host the required infrastructure.

Perhaps the quintessential use case of the VPN, a decentralized VPN provides a much-needed utility to those living in locations where the internet is censored. For that reason, Sentinel is implementing language support to content-sensitive regions to drive adoption. With the Sentinel dVPN app, users in these locations will have FREE, unhindered access to the web.

Be on the lookout for our development updates as Russian will be added to the list of supported languages in the near future.

Upcoming Sentinel Utility Drop #2

Sentinel is grateful to have such a supportive community and is constantly looking for ways to give back. With the release of the Sentinel dVPN Lite app on Android, we are giving early adopters the opportunity to participate in the second Sentinel Utility Drop before the it is publicly announced. To partake, it will require users to:

  1. Download the Sentinel dVPN Lite from the Google Play Store.
  2. Copy the referral code and share it with other users.
  3. Once a user signs up using your referral code, both users will receive $SENT tokens.

Check out the Sentinel Telegram Group to learn more about Sentinel’s second Utility Drop. More details regarding various tiers of distribution and instructions will be coming soon.

Closing Remark

In today’s ever more connected world, internet traffic is alarmingly becoming vulnerable to sophisticated attackers and privacy-invading monitors. As a response, Sentinel developed a desktop dVPN client with fully provable, ‘end-to-end’ encryption between the user and the Exit Nodes.

However, the current desktop dVPN client faces a potential barrier to mainstream adoption. Although it may be a trivial task for the average crypto-enthusiast, the desktop client requires package dependencies to be installed by Mac and Windows users, which can be daunting and confusing for the average consumer.

The Sentinel team understands that the crypto ecosystem constitutes a small niche in the global markets. As a young industry, only a handful of blockchain-based applications have provided relevant utility value to the general consumer market. It is a challenge faced by all blockchain projects as they try to break into the mainstream audience.

For these reasons, it was important for Sentinel to release a consumer-friendly Sentinel dVPN Lite app for Android devices. With future plans to offer similar one-click setup on the desktop client, Sentinel is well positioned to drive the mainstream consumer adoption of its dVPN dApp.

About Sentinel

Sentinel employs a multi-chain architecture to secure data and exchange resources between people and applications — Legacy, Enterprise Apps, Mobile Apps, and Decentralized Apps. Sentinel has developed the first working blockchain bandwidth resource monitoring and on-chain payment gateway mechanism.

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