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Sentinel dVPN Stats Page on Cosmos is Now Live! Stats.Sentinel.Co

Sentinel’s dVPN Stats page for dVPN usage on its Cosmos based hub is now live at This stats page shows the aggregate usage of all dVPN applications built on the Sentinel cosmos hub, currently showing the statistics from the Sentinel CLI client and the Sentinel dVPN Android application.

These statistics will soon include the usage from the Sentinel dVPN iOS application (once it is accepted by the App store), upcoming Mac OS client, upcoming Linux client, upcoming Windows client, as well as the Exidio and Solar labs white label applications in addition to other White label applications built on Sentinel’s dVPN protocol.

The 4 key categories of statistics that are available on this page include:

  • Active Nodes
  • Sessions
  • Data Consumed
  • Average Session Duration

Active Nodes — The active nodes statistics section shows the average number of dVPN nodes active on Sentinel’s hub in different timeframes that can be toggled by the user.

Sessions — The sessions statistics section shows the average number of user dVPN sessions in different timeframes that can be toggled by the user.

Data Consumed — The data consumed statistics section shows the total amount of bandwidth data consumed from all of the dVPN clients built on the Sentinel hub in different timeframes that can toggled by the user.

Average Session Duration — The average session duration statistics section shows the average user dVPN session length in different timeframes that can be toggled by the user.

The statistics page gives the Cosmos and overall crypto ecosystem transparent insight into the adoption and usage of the Sentinel dVPN network. Sentinel is a carbon reducing initiative that provides the framework and bandwidth resource pool for autonomous dVPN organizations to use shared resources while providing an economically friendly alternative to centralized and obscure mainstream VPN competitors. The statistics page provides clear insight into the success of the ecosystems mission in a clearly quantifiable manner.

In the next months as we learn more from users and whitelabel hosts we will be expanding our API data points, we will make sure to include a broader and broader set of charts to show the growth of our network from as many different vectors as possible.

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