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Sentinel Mainnet Swap — An Easy Guide to Swapping Your Sentinel ERC20 Tokens to Sentinel’s Cøsmos-based Mainnet Tokens

1:1 Swap of $SENT to $DVPN

***NOTE: Never share your mnemonic phrase. We will never ask for your private keys and recovery phrases.*** (Last updated August 5, 2021)

Sentinel (ERC20) is migrating to its own sovereign Cøsmos SDK/Tendermint-based blockchain. The community-enabled swap process is live. It is ongoing and will continue for over 5 months, until September 1st 2021. Tokens will be credited after genesis of the mainnet launch on March 27th 2021. Now every Sentinel ($SENT) holder can swap their $SENT tokens for mainnet $DVPN tokens. The swap is at a ratio of 1:1.

Currently, users are able to swap their tokens via two methods:

  1. Through MXC exchange. (**No longer supported**)
  2. Through the manual process. The manual process usually takes around 15–20 minutes (depending on Ethereum transaction speeds). We have compiled an easy guide for you to manage this option below:


✅ MetaMask (Add the extension to your browser at

✅ Have your SENT ERC20 tokens ready in your MetaMask Ethereum wallet.

✅ Have enough ETH in your MetaMask wallet to cover gas fees (can be $10–$50 or sometimes even higher depending on ETH network congestion)

✅ Create a wallet on the Sentinel Blockchain using the Sentinel v3 client or other Cøsmos wallets when available (be sure to back up your Mnemonic phrase. Testnet wallets are compatible with mainnet). If you need to set up your wallet, follow the steps in Section 1 of “Sentinel Cøsmos Based Mainnet Wallet & Staking Guide”

Completed all of the above pre-requisites? Now you are ready to begin the swap outlined in the steps below!

🤐 🎬 Prefer following the steps by video? Watch WhisperNode walk you through the below steps in his video guide. 🎬🤐

  1. Open the Sentinel Swap portal (be sure to only trust links shared through official Sentinel channels -

2. Click ‘Connect to Wallet’ and select ‘MetaMask’.

3. Now the swap window will show “connected”.

4. Next, insert the amount of $SENT you would like to swap (on ETH we have 8 decimals, on Sentinel there will be 6 decimals, so amounts lower than 6 decimals will not be processed) and insert the Sentinel Cosmos address which you have created through the v3 wallet (Sentinel addresses always start with “sent”).


5. The swap will open a window and MetaMask will create 2 transactions asking you to cover gas fees. Accept both and wait until the swap process is complete:

*First Transaction: Allowance transaction - this allows the Sentinel swap contract to spend tokens from your ERC20 account address.

  • Click allow on MetaMask and the next will transaction will pop up (when the first one is confirmed on Ethereum)

* Second Transaction: Burn transaction - this burns the allowed ERC20 tokens and logs the event on the Ethereum chain.

  • Click Confirm transaction

6. Be patient, this process can take between a few seconds and around thirty minutes depending on Ethereum network congestion.

Next, you will receive the following ‘Success’ status updates.
(By clicking on the arrow to the right, you will open up a new window that will show the transaction on the blockchain explorer)

7. $DVPN tokens will be credited to your Sentinel account when mainnet launches on Saturday, 27th March.

**For those that are having challenges, please reach out to administrators in the Sentinel Telegram chat Please be patient, there will be individuals working to assist with all questions but enquiry volumes may be unusually high.

Congratulations, you have completed the swap process. Onward to Cosmos!

Please enjoy this video created by a member of the Sentinel community:

Off to the Cosmos!

Follow Sentinel *only* on official platforms:

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