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The CEO of Exidio, Dan Edlebeck was joined by Michael Michelini, co-founder of Indigitus, a hardware solutions company, for an open chat around the Sentinel and Indigitus integration.

Sentinel’s Cosmos-based dVPN client and node are being configured for the OpenWrt router firmware.

The integration with the Indigitus Router will greatly expand the Sentinel ecosystem to allow users globally to monetize their bandwidth and access websites built on Handshake.

The Indigitus website along with additional product specifications will be released in the following weeks followed by pre-order processes. You can learn more about Indigitus in the AMA transcript below or on their website:

AMA Transcript

Dan (Host): Hey everyone! I’m Dan Edlebeck, the CEO of Exidio, and will be hosting this exciting AMA for Sentinel’s community.

At first, I’ll ask @michelini questions, and then we’ll open it up to the community.

Michael Michelini is the CEO of Indigitus, a hardware company that will be launching one of the world’s first dWeb routers. Today he’ll talk about the router, how it will be integrated into the Sentinel Network, and how it will allow users to monetize their bandwidth in a decentralized network structure.

These first questions I’ll give to Michael were questions we’ve collected from community members in advance.

@michelini, are you good to go?

Michael (Indigitus): thanks I’m ready to roll!

Dan (Host): Awesome. Let’s just start out with you telling us about Indigitus and why the organization was created?

Michael (Indigitus): Indigitus is a new hardware company startup building on the Sentinel protocol.

Indigitus was created to help empower the masses with plug-and-play dVPN routers to support the network, protect their privacy, access dWeb websites on Handshake, and earn $DVPN token rewards.

Dan (Host): Nice! So why do you think Sentinel would need a hardware router? What are the benefits you foresee?

Michael (Indigitus): First, for the network — more decentralization

Second, More user adoption and awareness

third, More choices of node locations and bandwidth for clients (users)

and finally — For the community — Many in the telegram groups and other conversations we have been in want to run a node, but don’t know how, or don’t want to bother figuring out how to do it themselves.

This hardware solution will be an easy plug-and-play option for people!

Dan (Host): So how will the hardware work — what will it offer? How will it increase user adoption?

Michael (Indigitus): It is three main offers:

Node, allowing you to be an automatic node to earn DVPN tokens for allowing others to use your excess bandwidth.

Client, giving you dVPN service, we are giving a lifetime service offer for those who buy the hardware

hns resolver — to open Handshake domain names, which is the gateway to the dWeb

We believe the crowdfunding campaign and marketing efforts — as well as ease of use, will bring in a new group of users

Dan (Host): Ok….yeah that’s awesome. I think a plug-and-play hardware device that offers those benefits would make it a lot easier to grow the node hosts and users across the network.

Huge for Exidio’s growth as well!

Michael (Indigitus): Definitely, we believe hardware is a very helpful part of the growth of this amazing open protocol

Dan (Host): Why do you expect people to pay for their hardware device to offer a node to the Sentinel network?

Michael (Indigitus): To support the decentralized web and Sentinel movement.

As more people offer bandwidth to the network then the more the network becomes decentralized.

In addition, individuals who offer bandwidth to the network have the opportunity to earn $DVPN tokens as an incentive!

Many of us are here not just for the money, but for the ability to make a new internet

Dan (Host): Definitely. It’s about creating truly permissionless access to a global decentralized VPN network. Plus if this streamlines the process of node hosting and earning DVPN, that makes sense.

Michael (Indigitus): Truly exciting times. Talking to many in the community and things are lining up

Dan (Host): How will this router differ from flashed routers using DD-WRT Linux-based firmware?

Michael (Indigitus): We see two main points.

Providing a lifetime dVPN service plan (client) for those who purchase this hardware and run the node

No risk of bricking your own device if you flash and install incorrectly, just like flashing a phone, flashing a router has risks

Dan (Host): Ok awesome — so it does have some truly unique benefits that otherwise aren’t possible with a DD-WRT router.

Michael (Indigitus): Yes, we want to take care of the early adopters and supporters. Potentially more ways too as we build it out

Dan (Host): Nice! And what are the main benefits users will gain from using the router?

Michael (Indigitus): 1. A plug and play dVPN service for privacy surfing online (client)

2. Access to HNS (Handshake) websites via the resolver (dWeb)

3. $DVPN token for offering bandwidth to the Sentinel network

client, resolver, node

Dan (Host): The trifecta! Awesome.

Michael (Indigitus): yes, super excited

Dan (Host): Ok, for updates, how will software pushes work? Will they be automated over the air or manual?

Michael (Indigitus): As updates are done on the firmware, there will be the ability to receive an update automatically and users can also do it manually

Dan (Host): Got it. So as far as interacting with a blockchain, how will the router interface with different blockchains?

Michael (Indigitus): Of course, the focus is the Sentinel protocol for dVPN and bandwidth. We’re also using Handshake resolver for accessing HNS domains. We are big fans of Handshake which led us to Sentinel

Dan (Host): Ok, so no only interacting with offering the details of the node’s IP connection to the Sentinel chain, it’ll connect to Handshake leveraging the HNS resolver.

And what about other interoperable blockchains?

Michael (Indigitus): Yes, we are in discussion with other blockchains so there will be more interoperability in future hardware devices. We see a massive opportunity to bridge blockchains with hardware.

Dan (Host): Very cool. I have seen this trend in the space as well — Akash, Helium come to mind.

Do you know how router users will interface with and store $DVPN tokens?

Michael (Indigitus): The firmware (the software installed on the hardware router) will have a wallet feature for you to put your $DVPN address for your earnings.

Dan (Host): Ok, and how will that ensure easy access/use for those that aren’t native to the crypto world?

Michael (Indigitus): We will be making tutorials and videos — but essentially like a TP Link, when you first set up a router you need to configure it — we will show this in the settings and work as hard as we can to help those newbies to the crypto world

Dan (Host): Ok awesome. I think that will be key to growth and adoption.

Michael (Indigitus): Yes, many have seen the Youtube video craze for other hardware and mining solutions. We think this will have a similar effect

Dan (Host): Do you know approximately how much electricity the router will consume? Will it use more than a Linksys off-the-shelf router?

Michael (Indigitus): The router will consume the same amount of electricity as any modern-day router.

Simply leave it on all day to maintain uptime for the dVPN node and to maximize your $DVPN token rewards.

We assume most are leaving their current routers on all day, even when they are not home — so this should be no difference in cost of electricity.

Dan (Host): Ok, good to know. I’ve also heard many antivirus solutions prevent crypto mining. Will this router work with antivirus solutions?

Michael (Indigitus): Yes the software you use on your device will work the same. The mining is happening on the router itself, not your laptop or mobile phone. Therefore the ease of use and plug and play of this device which makes it so easy.

Dan (Host): Clutch. Again this will key for adoption.

Michael (Indigitus): The goal of this product is to make it easy to send to our friends and family as a gift

Sentinel freedom gift 🙂

Dan (Host): Hahaha amazing!

I know we’ve talked and the tech teams are working closely on some of the software support.

On the costs side, has Indigitus figured out a price point for the hardware device?

Michael (Indigitus): Yes, the Sentinel team has been amazing and very supportive.

We are doing our best to keep the price as low as possible for early adopters and crowdfunding backers. There most likely be a few options for price on the crowdfunding campaign (SIM card slot or not for example) and depending on when you buy, the price will be between $300 to $400 USD.

Dan (Host): Ok, got it. That seems like a good range.

Do you know if users will be able to daisy chain the router with other network devices?

Michael (Indigitus): For now this is a standalone product. You can use your LAN to home internet or a SIM card data plan. (depending on which model you choose)

Dan (Host): Ahh ok. Alright and if people want to get their hands on a router that connects to the Sentinel bandwidth network, where should they look to buy it?

Michael (Indigitus): It will be launched on Indiegogo soon, targetting for mid-July!

In the meantime, you can sign up with your email for the waiting list and you will also get a special bonus when it launches on

Dan (Host): Dang — so this is happening fast!

Michael (Indigitus): Join the Indigitus Ambassador Program — Indigitus

We are rapidly growing our product line at Indigitus and are looking for product and hardware enthusiasts who want to be early adopters of this technology! Enjoy early access to the products we are developing, as well as freebies and perks!

We are also just opened up applications for ambassadors and beta testers — if you’d like to join check out

yes, it is happening fast — love this community!!

Dan (Host): That’s pinnable content right there!

Michael (Indigitus): thank you, yes — we want to involve this amazing community in the journey.

Dan (Host): Man, that was a lot of information! I’m pumped about this new hardware device!

Michael (Indigitus): me too, doing this AMA got me even more pumped!

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