Announcing Bok “BokkyPooBah” Khoo as our new Sentinel Chain Blockchain Advisor

BokkyPooBah — Sentinel Chain Blockchain Advisor. Photo courtesy of BokkyPooBah

Singapore and Sydney — 12 April 2018: Sentinel Chain, a blockchain-based financial services marketplace and the world’s first platform to accept the use of livestock as collateral is pleased to announce the addition of Bok Khoo (or BokkyPooBah to the broader audience), CTO/Chief Scientist at GazeCoin to its Advisory Team.

As Sentinel Chain gains increased recognition both within and beyond the blockchain community, BokkyPooBah will be joining the team as a Blockchain Advisor. BokkyPooBah brings his extensive development experience within financial markets instruments and blockchains to augment Sentinel Chain’s blockchain development team’s efforts to unleash the power of blockchain technology, big data, and fintech innovation.

BokkyPooBah is one of the most prominent Smart Contract Developers in the Ethereum Community — he has answered more than 430 questions on Ethereum Stack Exchange, serves as a moderator at r/etherdev subreddit and has participated in an endless stream of projects in the space.

BokkyPooBah has also built the basic decentralised exchange in Nov 2016 with 126,817 ETH worth of ERC20 tokens traded so far.

A quantitative software developer for over 28 years, BokkyPooBah jumped into the Ethereum ecosystem in 2015. “Creating transparent, trustless, and decentralised applications with short snippets of open source code is far more satisfying than writing an algorithm that works within a closed corporate and institutional environment,” BokkyPooBah commented in his blog.

BokkyPooBah runs his own developer incubator in Sydney, Australia. He has been actively building the number of blockchain developers to provide more supply to blockchain projects. He has been conducting free Ethereum workshops in Sydney for almost a year. A forward-thinking tech evangelist whose interests are in open source software as well as digital currencies, BokkyPooBah is a good fit to drive Sentinel Chain’s blockchain projects forward.

“BokkyPooBah’s knowledge, talent and ability to act as a conduit between the blockchain development community and business will be a strong asset to our mission. With BokkyPooBah on our Advisory Board, I am confident that he will contribute to not only the success of Sentinel Chain, but also to the blockchain community.”
Roy Lai, CEO and Founder of Sentinel Chain

BokkyPooBah has established a community based Decentralised Future Fund DAO with the aim of promoting a fairer and decentralised future. Currently, BokkyPooBah is also serving as a Blockchain Advisor for the following projects: (provenance), (decentralised exchange) and (insurance).

The actuary, quant developer and self-described Ethereum fanatic who never sleeps — BokkyPooBah is looking forward to taking on new challenges with Sentinel Chain:

“Blockchain technology enables the trustless decentralised ownership of tokenised digital and real-world assets. It will be very exciting for me to work with Sentinel Chain to enable the ownership of livestock to be tokenised and stored on the blockchain. These livestock can then be used in collateral contracts to create a new digital economy for the unbanked. Part of my role is to build bridged sidechains with sufficient throughput to enable private and low cost blockchain transactions. I am honoured to be part of the team at Sentinel Chain and make a positive impact for the unbanked community.” 
BokkyPooBah, Sentinel Chain Blockchain Advisor

Beyond blockchains, BokkyPooBah also has a strong interest in palaeontology and will be attending another dig at the Riversleigh World Heritage site in July this year!

Helicopter transporting fossil laden rocks from remote locations in the Riversleigh World Heritage area. Photo courtesy of BokkyPooBah

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Sentinel Chain is a blockchain-based international marketplace for cross-border financial services and the world’s first platform to accept the use of livestock as collateral. Taking a unique approach to the last mile problem of financial inclusion, the Sentinel Chain model establishes livestock provenance through the creation of livestock insurance on blockchain — the registration of livestock provenance on blockchain provides the unbanked with a new opportunity: the real possibility of accepting livestock as ‘collateral’ for loans. Sentinel Chain is a project by InfoCorp Technologies