Monthly Highlights — November

Vittorio Joosten
Dec 7, 2018 · 4 min read

The Tech Page Update — CrossPay App Development Updates:

1. Crosspay design saw improvements in user accessibility to livestock details completed this month.

2. Completed the ‘LBVD/MI’ attester approval flow.

3. Three rounds of regressions have been completed. No open critical bugs in both app and admin portal were recorded.

4. The workflow for creation of Attesters was completed.

5. Backup tools / software have been finalised and finally for the month of November, the

6. App has been deployed in Google Alpha Store, download and testing functions from Google Alpha Store were successful. This is a private testing environment for LBVD / MI and people working within the SENC project to work with and is not open to public access.

PR, Marketing and Events

Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Mr. Chan Chun Sing, handing one of two awards to our Founder and CEO Roy Lai.

1. November was an incredibly Momentous Month!

On top of the events we were invited to speak to, we also were overwhelmed by the EYA Event:

Roy Lai, Founder and CEO of InfoCorp won not One but Two awards:

. EYA New Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 and

. EYA Social Contribution Award 2018

We’re thankful for such recognition being bestowed on Roy’s work.

You can read more about the event here and of course, you can watch some videos of the event here and here

2. While the Team is focusing on implementing the project as per whitepaper, it’s humbling and great at the same time to receive so much recognition. Yet another strong nod placed on the hard working shoulders of Roy and the Team! We are proud and humbled to see Roy Lai and InfoCorp being mentioned in Lightbulb Capital’s “2018 Singapore FinTech Champions” in the Start-ups category!

The panel on “The Role of Self Regulatory Organisations”

2. Singapore University of Social Sciences — Inclusive Fintech Summit 2018

Inclusive Blockchain: Distributing Trust & Wealth.

Our founder and CEO, Roy Lai was invited to contribute to a panel on “The Role of Self Regulatory Organisations”. The panel looked at how to create public trust : “education over time and in stages”. “The best response to regulation is to be self-regulating”. Additionally the panel concluded that “self-regulatory organisations need to attract members by making the joining threshold affordable, without compromising the quality of offering.”

Our COO Ling Soon detailing the unique Sentinel Chain Model

Singapore Fintech Festival — LongHash Lab Crawl

Longhash events at Science Park are some of our favorites, they tend to be deep in tech, and great people take the time to meet everyone even if everybody is on a tight crypto-schedule.

Our COO Ling Soon, seem to enjoy these events a little too much — it must be all the tech-talk. Ling Soon spoke about the latest from the SENC front and we took time to meet with other developers, obtain an overview of latest ideas and identify technical synergies between strong developers attending the event.

Welcome on Board! Introducing Mr. Chris Ong, CFO Infocorp:

1. It is important to bring the best practises from traditional fiduciary management to create a healthy system of risk management and control that is relevant for the crypto industry. Chris brings rich experience, and a great heart in the right place: “I am particularly touched and moved by InfoCorp, with its noble and unique vision of applying the blockchain technology to serve the unbanked and underserved communities globally. I am enthusiastic and convinced that this is a most meaningful and worthwhile mission…”. Chris speaks 7 languages!! Where did he find the time to learn all this?

Last but not least:

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