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Sentinel Chain — a Bridge to Two Worlds

Roy Lai
Roy Lai
Jul 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Real-World vs Crypto-World

This seems to be the maxim generally adopted by a lot of blockchain projects with regards to real-world use cases. The invention of Bitcoin has not created a new order. Rather, it has opened up a parallel world — the crypto-world, and this world is not compatible with the real-world. Use-cases for blockchain with immediate utility and are thriving mainly in the crypto-world — non-fungible crypto-goods like CryptoKitties, decentralized exchanges like Kyber and other crypto-centric projects. The quest for real-world use cases remains to be the holy grail for blockchain.

A New Solution to An Old Problem

Sentinel Chain’s recent announcement of its partnership with Myanmar government is an important milestone.

Gateway to Real-World Use Cases

As a result of these, Sentinel Chain is creating a Sentinel Cross-Chain Bridge where blockchain communities can deliver their services into an otherwise closed market. This attracts partners that can access Sentinel Chain and leverage on the livestock data, the identity of the ‘unbanked’ and asset ownership details to create solutions with their service offerings.

Sentinel Chain

The Blockchain for Global Financial Inclusion

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