Sentinel Chain Token Sale Announcement

Sentinel Chain: Unlocking the economic potential of the unbanked through livestock provenance on blockchain

We are excited to announce that the Sentinel Chain Token Sale is scheduled for March 2018!

We would like to begin this announcement with a big “THANK YOU” to our community.

The Sentinel Chain team is so excited to welcome both our new and existing supporters. Thank you for supporting us on various stages of our journey. We know it’s been long! So whether you have participated in our Pre-Sale or have taken the time to share with us your knowledge and creative ideas, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

The Sentinel Chain is a blockchain-based solution to unlocking the economic capital of the unbanked.

The ‘poor’ are much richer than they think. What they need is a solution to unlock their economic potential.

Specifically designed for financial inclusion services, the Sentinel Chain will be the world’s first global B2B marketplace which accepts the use of livestock as collateral. Our solution takes a unique approach to addressing the last mile problem of financial inclusion by establishing livestock provenance through the creation of livestock insurance on blockchain.

If you are hearing about us for the first time, please read our Whitepaper before you continue:

If you are already familiar with our background, here’s how the Sentinel Chain Token (SENC) works and what you should do.

■ Step 1: Become familiar with SENC Token Sale Plan

■ Step 2: Decide how many SENC tokens you would like to purchase and calculate the amount of ETH you will need for your purchase

■ Step 3: Transfer ETH once the Token Sale starts

We have received a lot of questions regarding the details of the token sale. Today, after months of dedicated teamwork and interactions with lawyers and industry experts, we are ready to announce the final details:

Sale Period: March 2018; Further details will be announced in February 2018

Symbol: SENC 
Total Supply:
500 million SENC Tokens
100 million SENC Tokens
Public Sale:
100 million SENC Tokens
Hard Cap:
14.4 million USD
Accepted Consideration:

The SENC Token Sale will officially start in March 2018. We will release the exact date in February 2018.

*Please note that the SENC token sale is not open to any non-professional, non-sophisticated individual investors from the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, or any other country that has or will restrict token sales as per relevant regulations in those countries.

Please join the official Sentinel Chain Telegram group if you have any questions or to join our growing community of supporters.

As always, please refer to the official Sentinel Chain website for any important announcements and the most updated information of the SENC Token Sale.

Thank you again for your interest and support of the Sentinel Chain project.

Join us in revolutionizing financial access by unlocking the true economic capital of the unbanked.