Sentinel Chain v1.0 Official Release

Eight months ago, we published the first testnet version of Sentinel Chain, codename Orion.

Today, after several months of effort by our hard working fully dedicated team, we proudly announce the official release of Sentinel Chain Mainnet:

Codename Copernicus

Why Sentinel Chain?

To reiterate, and this being the primary motivation fuelling our full time work on this project, Sentinel Chain’s main goal is financial inclusion, i.e., helping others unlock true economic potential using state of the art blockchain technology.

In the words of Sebastian Ponti, one of our blockchain developers:
“The fundamental position that we have adopted in Sentinel Chain project is the idea of social inclusion, something that we will help to achieve through improving the terms of involvement and opportunity for those who need it the most and are excluded from modern day society commercial transactions.
We strongly believe that through hard work, sharing knowledge as a community and use of disruptive technology, we can make the world a better place to live.”

The evolution from Orion to Copernicus Mainnet

We learnt from Orion and made have several enhancements as well as added new features. Whilst the general concept and infrastructure is basically the same, these additions, which include new smart contracts for better security, usage and network resilience make Sentinel a much more mature project.

General overview of the current Sentinel Chain infrastructure

Key features and updates that were added for this release:

  • We’ve updated and enhanced our core Smart Contracts ValidatorSet and Whitelist
  • A core change was made switching from SENI as native blockchain currency to become an ERC677 token. This change gives us much more technical versatility and options for token usage and adoption, all these whilst improving user experience.
  • We’ve implemented a new toll system for bridge operations. This addition is underpinned by the fundamental idea for fees collected to be re-invested towards network maintenance and improvements, and fund new projects built on-top of Sentinel Chain, thus giving SENC token more usability and liquidity.
  • Bridge binaries were updated and small configuration tweaks were conducted to strengthen the network.

Last but not least, as with any other important project, we take security very seriously. During the last months of our codebase and network configuration, Sentinel Chain was audited several times by Akomba Labs. We’ve made the results public, and updated our code and infrastructure to reflect audit findings and align with the auditors’ recommendations.

It is worth noting that no critical vulnerabilities were found and only minor issues, mostly gas-usage-related, were discovered.

Security audit full findings:

In the coming weeks we will be announcing our bug-bounty program to reward the community and anyone who helps us find potential security threats.

Stay tuned!

Key resources

As with any other transparent and community driven project, several public resources exist in order to help people to jump into developing new projects and solutions built on top of Sentinel Chain.

Our blockchain public monitoring services can be found here:

The official Sentinel Chain repository to find latest code, updates and technical details can be found here:

“Success as the saying goes, is ‘10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration’. We thank our community for their patience; for staying with us through the arduous journey towards delivering a world class solution of uncompromised excellence to bring sustainable win-win social and economic benefits to the world.” Roy Lai, Founder of Sentinel Chain.

Next steps

Whilst the future of blockchain and crypto-related technology keep evolving at an outstanding pace, we strongly believe that mass adoption needs to take place in order for true impact to be created in the daily lives of people.

We aim to become a true financial hub for the unbanked and unlock people’s potential through state of the art technology applications.

As we enter key strategic partnerships with both private and public organisations, we will continue to monitor the ecosystem to ensure that the latest, and better, solutions can be implemented to help us achieve our most honest goal, which we use as our north star guide:

To help people by unlocking economic potential through financial inclusion.

— — -

InfoCorp Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a fintech company that provides the infrastructure to accelerate financial inclusion to unbanked and underserved communities through the use of blockchain technology. It designs solutions for small bank consortiums in emerging countries to facilitate inter-bank transactions using distributed ledger technologies and provides consultancy services to clearing house and central banks on implementations and testing of real-time payment systems, and also to corporate clients on implementations and operations of distributed ledger technologies for production use.

Sentinel Chain is a blockchain-based international marketplace for cross-border financial services and the world’s first platform to accept the use of livestock as collateral. Taking a unique approach to the last mile problem of financial inclusion, the Sentinel Chain model establishes livestock provenance through the creation of livestock insurance on blockchain — the registration of livestock provenance on blockchain provides the unbanked with a new opportunity: the real possibility of accepting livestock as ‘collateral’ for loans. Sentinel Chain is a project by InfoCorp Technologies.

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