Product Launch Preparation — Armed with Pre-Sentinels

Less than 2 months until the rollout of the Total ICO Protection Solution

A little over 2 million UPP tokens were airdropped to Pre-Sentinels last Friday, June 29 SGT. The second half of their UPP tokens will be provided only if two conditions are met:

1) They actively assist us throughout the launch of the Total ICO Protection Solution for a successful debut of S-Wallet Lite and Sentinel Portal, both powered by the TRDB.

2) They hold all of the first half of their UPP tokens until the Total ICO Protection Solution launch in August.

Idea from Pre-Sentinels. Final version to be revealed at Korea Blockchain Week

For those who are not familiar with Pre-Sentinels, they are the earliest supporters of Sentinel Protocol who were recruited between February and March. Evangelists have explained what Sentinel Protocol is in their own words, and security experts have applied to become the early Sentinels. For more information about Pre-Sentinels, please refer to The Pre-Sentinels Recruitment Progress Update and Pre-Sentinels Recruitment Program Results.

Pre-Sentinels Evangelists are actively sharing marketing ideas and providing constructive feedback to the team. The team has already gathered lots of input about the media publication channels, new product line naming, marketing collateral, and personal anecdotes we might use to promote our solutions. This is the second week of missions, and these missions will continue until the launch of the Total ICO Protection Solution in August. As we approach the launch dates, the evangelists will be the first to share information about the products, again explaining these products in their own words — helping bridge the team with the community.

Pre-released Sentinel Portal

While Pre-Sentinels Evangelists communicate mostly through a private Telegram group, Pre-Sentinels Security Experts work through the Sentinel Portal, which has been pre-released only to them. These security experts are from the United States, Romania, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Holland and France. They have expertise in vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, digital forensics, threat research, attack vector analysis, network, infrastructure security and more.

These security experts are building both the whitelist and the blacklist. With the target goal of 10,000 incidents by the launch of ICO Protection Solution, these incident data will include phishing URLs, scam wallet addresses, exploits, and malware that participants encounter during an ICO. If you remember all those scams during the Sentinel Protocol ICO, we kept close track of these and will first record them in the TRDB.