2 Ways to Repost your Instagram Pictures or Videos on Facebook

Do you repost your old pictures from Intagram to Facebook ?

Does your audience in your Facebook page respond your pictures or videos better?

There are few ways to repost your old pictures from Instagram to Facebook.

Bring more impression from Instagram

You realise your audience likes visual contents. You also realise few of your old Instagram contents have lots of reaches and impressions. Sharing these contents would be great on Facebook Page.

Here is the reason: the Facebook algorithm gives priority to the posts from friends and family. Businesses Page are experiencing lower organic reach or even no reach. Paying for Facebook advertisement is one way to solve this problem. The other way is to use Instagram contents to reach more people.

Although there are many factors that affect organic reach (text, image, time to post, topic, audience’s demographic, etc), the Facebook algorithm seems also give priority to the contents from Instagram regardless of those factors.

Here are few ways you can re-share your Instagram contents:

Instagram Content URL sharing on Facebook Update

This method is very easy and direct. If you like to share an update with pictures or videos, this is a good way to share your Instagram content on Facebook.

You copy the post URL from Instagram and paste it into your Facebook update. To get started, go to your Instagram profile on Instagram.com and copy the URL from the browser you want to share on your Facebook. Then paste the URL into your Facebook update. Facebook would automatically detect the URL and get the content you would like to share on Facebook.

However, sometimes you need to enter space button after the URL on Facebook. Then the system would be able to detect the link and contents.

The last step is to delete the URL from your post and write something on your update. Unless you have a very good image or video from Instagram, people do not like to see blank update with only images or videos. So, be creative and write something related to your picture or video.

If you know the time to optimize the organic reach, you can schedule the specific time for the post. It is better to use Facebook’s scheduling system because you can also add “check-ins”, “what you’re doing or how do you feel” function in the post.

Use the Post to Facebook Option on Instagram

This is the easier way to share on Facebook.

To post the contents to Facebook, you can go to Instagram app and choose one of your old pictures in your profile. Then click … icon at the top right corner and choose share. And then choose Facebook and edit the content you want to post on Facebook.

Once when you finish all setting, click share. Instagram will automatically share your old content to Facebook.

However, you cannot use this method to schedule your post, and add “how do you feel” or “check-in” etc functions to the Facebook posts.

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