Ad-Free Social Media: Ello

It’s not so much a secret how much of our private info is sold to companies who love to market to our generation. From our likes to shares to comments (yes I’m looking at you Facebook), it’s scary to know that companies could know so much about us. But it’s hard to leave a social media network that helped us find long lost friends around the world or connect us with new ones.

The compromise? Meet Ello.

It boasts an ad-free social networking platform that pledges not to collect and sell data to any third parties. No algorithms to boost paid ads. Just a simple networking site with a modern design. Emojis can also inserted by typing them directly into posts using semi colons (see the full list here).

I’m excited to see if this will grow into more than a fad. Currently it’s only out on a beta version and available only on the App Store.

If you’re already part of the Ello community, come say ello!