Encourage Interaction & Online Conversion — [presenting exemplar 2: Hertz]

Customer journey map of Hertz Armenia and analytics data for its improvement

Understanding of the ways customers interact and identify the areas for improvements is important for improving online conversion. There are various types of touchpoints which play key role on online conversion. In Figure 1 are presented touchpoints of Hertz Armenia.

Figure 1: Hertz Armenia customer touchpoints

Figure 2 provides information of the way of Hertz’s potential customer comes to decision making point through a digital marketing campaign and identifies touch points such as:

  • Social media
  • Website
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Advertising
  • Marketing email
  • Follow ups

Figure 2: Customer journey map of Hertz Armenia

For every touch points presented in Figure 2 the Hertz customer goes through the following activities:

  • Awareness
  • Discover
  • Purchase
  • Use
  • Connection

After hearing (step 2, 3) about Hertz prospect starts to find more information from other trusted sources such as reviews of other customers or ratings (step 4). Having positive reviews drives prospects to website which in turn convert prospect into customer (step 6).

Improvement of customer journey will deliver a truly excellent customer experience. Analytics data help companies to improve key junctures throughout the customer journey where the aim is to guarantee that whatever type of interaction or channel used, the customer receives a consistent, personalised and compelling experience (Schwenk, 2011).

Analysis of behaviour flow will help Hertz to identify engagement with users with provided content and identify potential content issues. This has to be done before starting any campaign which drives traffic to a landing page. In figure 6 is shown data from Alexa.com, which shows bounce rate, daily page views and daily time on site. Average bounce rate for hertz.am can be from 10–30%.

Figure 3.

According to data provided by Hertz Armenia’s digital media manager only 6.20% come from search engine and some of the keywords which send traffic to website already have rankings in Google, but still number of booking doesn’t increase. This information shows that Hertz Armenia need improvements in strengthening brand awareness, so people will be informed about Hertz and will try to search more information and improvement in getting all their target keyword to the top of Google. Most importantly, widening of keywords used in digital marketing campaign and adding the keyword presented in the figure 4 will be very effective.

Figure 4.

Screenshot is taken from Alexa.com in 2015

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